Seasons. Sun Path on the sky. Day Arc. Measurements. πŸŒžπŸ”†

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Hello there β˜€οΈ

How is everyone? πŸ₯°
Here in our lovely Homeedders Community is a bit quiet than usual, I hope you are all well.

I'm actually on my way to Croatia; its a seven hours drive trip and we're staying here for a couple of days.
I'm very busy lately and maybe you noticed that I dont post as often as I did before. But everytime I get a little time to write here, I do it by the heart. πŸ’—
And since I have a couple of hours "available", I thought to share something with you now.

science for kids.png

Me and Caleb were studying the Sun and its Path on the Sky in a day time, in every season. A little bit of easy science for kids, nothing out of extraordinary.
The results were great, my son was really excited about this whole activity and all these measurements.
He was almost 4 years old, but he understood all information. He was super involved and he did pretty much everything with my guiding.
Sometimes I forget he's only 4. 😁

First, let me explain what we did here. This activity was random, I thought about it only after I saw in ome of our books the four images of the sun and how he moves on the sky in a day and how different it is from one season to another.
Caleb understood the information already only by reading it to him but I considered this is really fun and easy to put it in practice so it stays in his little brain for a long time.

So lets get started! πŸŒžβ˜€οΈ



First, we read the page in the book about how sun moves on the sky in a day, from sunrise to sunset.
Its clearly that in summer we have day light longer than in winter, and thats because of the sun.
With easy words and explanation, we talked about how sunrise in summer starts earlier and sunset comes later.

For example, in spring.

At the beginning of spring, on March 21, the sun has it takes about 12 hours to cross the sky from sunrise to sunset. At that time the day is equal to the night in duration. Then, every morning the sun rises a little earlier, and in the evening it sets a little later. The length of days increases. Sunshines fall straighter on the surface of the earth and for a longer time, thus bringing more light and the heat.



We painted four sheets of paper, using water colors, one for every season , representing it with a specific tree to every season.




After reading what we nedeed to know for every season, we took some blue colored paper and cut it in lenght the same as the distance on the day light showed in the book.
In the photos you see what I mean.

We then compared them with the images on the book and then compared then one with another. We noticed the summer was twice longer than the winter. Caleb was super amazed and said: WOW. WE HAVE SO MUCH MORE LIGHT IN THE SUMMER, I CAN PLAY IN THE SAND ALL DAY LONG AND JUMP IN TRAMPOULINE. πŸ˜†πŸ₯°






Next, I designed a graphic easy to be done by Caleb. Just using the basic method, no fancy things.

There is a legend for every season:
Red - summer
Orange - spring
Green - autumn
Blue - winter

Then I did a scale measuring the hours in a day, writting the possible hours from sunrise to sunset.

We started with spring, when sunrise is from 6.30 to 20.00-20.30 aprox.
We searched online to see the hours and appreciate the light day.

We did the same for every season and finally had all seasons measured, ready to make an analysis.
We traced lines down the page with the ruller, actually Caleb did. He did the arcade too.

Then we measured how many cm has every season and who's the longest.
We wrote (Caleb did) the data on a paper tp have a clear evidence.










Calendar. Mounths of the year.

Quicky, we mentioned the months of the year. And then tried to put on the watch the sunset and sunrise hours for one month to every season.
Caleb can name the hours from the age of 3.5 years, so he handle it very well. Now he's a pro reading the time. He never fails.





Sun Path on the sky

Last, we came back to the first thing we startes with, where we painted four sheets of paper.

Based on what we learned and based on the book, we tried to put the sun in the landscape, according to every season.

We cut yellow colored paper spheres and cut some of them in half.







In the end, we even tried to put the blue cut papers on our drawings, see if they match. They were good, I would say.

And this was it. The end of our activity.

Sun Path on the sky is also called
Day Arc.

I hope you can integrate our activity sometime in your learning schedule or maybe gives you another similar idea.






Overall, it was a fascinating lesson for us both. Caleb's favorite moment was data analysys, with all those measurements.

Stay safe,

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Wow! I love how you took the time for all these activities. Sounds like a lot of learnings happened here! I love how Caleb said he has more time to plat in summer. I can see he's really engaged in the lesson and enjoying it. He wonders, he analyzes, his brain is really stimulated. For sure this will stick in his memory. You are a really amazing mom!

Thank you so much πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

He was indeed very involved, he really got into this all. Lately, we didnt do many activities but ohh how I miss to see him active and put his little brain at work.

You truly know how to teach your son well in a way that he'll enjoy and easily absorb the lesson he is learning..
Caleb will grow into a smart person like you ☺️ !LUV

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Thank you, Jane! I try my best, but there's everything something new to learn. ❀️❀️

One of the reasons why children develop more is they have extraordinary parents. Good job mommy and baby.

You're too kind. Thank you. πŸ₯°
But I wont say I disagree. Children have a fabulous capacity to absorb information and develop cognitively. Its our responsability to help them achieve thiw by providing them resources and our time. I definitely do my best, but we always have something to learn on the way, becoming better and better parents for our kids.

Enjoy your trip to Croatia! :) My aunt and uncle are already in Croatia and have a few more days from their trip so I'm sure you will enjoy the landscape and your time there :)

Thank you Gabriela. ❀️❀️
We'll try to enjoy it for sure. 😍