Math Time: 2D Shapes and Counting Learning Activity

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Hey there! Wish you a beautiful week!

Here's something we did back in the days for our math science lesson.

What kid doesn’t love playing with toothpicks and playdough?! Just using simple balls and connecting them with tooth-picks can make so many fun two-dimensional shapes!

You can even make 3D Shapes. Building these can be a bit tricky and can require some trial and error. Maybe it's best if four hands are involved, especially with the little ones. They definetely need some help if you try making these 3D shapes with them.

We only made 2D Triangle, Square and Rectangle but you can do as well Pentagon, Hexagon, Octogon.


Visualize Shapes Through Play

Hands-on learning activity.
It is a fun and interactive way of learning shapes.
This preschool geometry activity right here can help kids learn about spatial concepts.
This also teaches them how many sides and corners for each shape. They can feel, touch and count the number of sides and corners.

Materials you need:

  • toothpicks
  • play-doh (or you can replace it with gum drops, gummi bears, grapes or any candies/fruits that can hold the toothpicks together firmly, also mini cheese squares too)

I prepared the handmade "cards" before, by drawing the shapes we must create with playdough. I also used our shapes cards for a better visualization,see those cards with blue shapes.

You need to supervise this activity because they can hurt themselves with the toothpicks.
Let's not forget this activity also trains kids's eye-hand coordination and fine motor skill, too. Big time!

I will try it again with my toddler, maybe he can do it on his own now. First time we did it, big time I was helping him, showing him how is done, etc. But it was a success, he liked it.

We began by forming the little balls out of playdough. This is where fine motor skills gets formed haha. We used our plastic knife for cutting. See down below through photos how we got through the process.

















Counting Activity

In order to go further with math and knowledge of number words and symbols, number word sequence skills and enumeration, you can try some counting.

Easy to make, I just came out with this idea because I know how much my little boy likes to count. For him wasnt quite a challenge but still, he had fun in putting these little balls in their place.

You just need a white paper and some coloring markers. It can be also a color recognition activity, though I didnt really thought of it, BUT my son did!
How cute of him! Besides counting, he thought in associating the balls by colors on the paper.








That's it. This is how we spent some good minutes, maybe up to half an hour.
In the end, toddler here got really into counting so he played with these playdough balls all over again.

Aghhh, almost forgot, he wanted to make playdoh balls out of every color we had. I just remembered I took some pictures of this too. And we asked to do counting up to 10.
He was 2yrs and 4 mo.
This activity is just perfect for preschool and kindergarden, or why not, elementary school?

Here they are! It's just cunting, but a bit different.










Thank you for reading,
Wish you a wonderful day!
Don't forget to have fun with your little ones!



This is super amazing and beautiful, I'm already thinking of making a replica of this activities, although this might be better because I may not be able to afford all this items used in this activities. Hope you'll love to see mine @missdeli.

Thanks and best wishes

I really appreciate your comment and the fact you're being honest. Look, you dont need to have the things I have in order to try it your way on children around you. Thats the beauty of this community (and internet in general). You can get creative and get inspired by what you see and find here, but adapt these activities the way you can. For example, you dont need toothsticks, you can use little twigs. And so on....

Thank you for commenting! Appreciate it. Defintely tag me when you make this activity, cant wait to see it.

Thanks for the words of encouragement, I'll do mine in no time and I'll tag you when I'm done.


¡Excellent! I really liked this method and strategy used; In addition, it is so creative and colorful, making use of play-doh, which children like so much. Thank you very much for sharing it. Greetings

Thank you as well for commenting. I'm glad you find it useful and you liked it!

Blessings @missdeli!! Excellent activity to do with children, working with plasticine is relaxing plus they develop motor skills, the little ones enjoy working with it; my little one loves this material and makes sculptures.


Blessings for you too, Virgilio! Play-doh is always fun and its a very attractive education material we can use with our little ones, right? My son lover playdoh so so much.

What an interesting way to learn numbers, children can develop their creativity, attention and motor skills, besides being ideal for those who need to touch and do to learn. Congratulations very good

Thank you Tomas! The senzorial part is a plus added to this activity, coming with all the benefits you mentioned.

This is amazing @missdeli, really attractive to kids, i can see the concentration and focus of the kid, no distraction, i also love the energy put into this, really interesting, i will love to try this my own way.

Thank you! It would be great if you'll try it with whatever you have in hand at home.

This is a brilliant idea. Since my son also loves to play play-doh I think he is going to like this activity. Good afternoon!

Cool! Hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did!

I would have loved to have had that in maths class back in the day! It's great to see that it not only teaches you how to deal with numbers, but also trains your fine motor skills and can be fun.
Greetings <3:)

Yes! thats the fun part and one of the most important! Its nice to do activities that combines many benefits and educational fields.

thank you for commenting! Hugs 😍

Hello @missdeli, an excellent activity that you have shared here with us, the construction of figures is very useful for children, it helps them to identify more clearly the construction of games and helps to develop visual-motor skills, in addition to complementing the counting activity with what they can distinguish and make similarities with the figures. Thank you for sharing it, my regards!

Hello there and sorry for my late reply! Thank you as well for your well said comment! appreciate you've read my post! Your learning activities are really cool too!

greetings from Romania

cool ideas with sticks! we used such methods as well with my boy;)

Yeah, they are very helpful versatile! They can be used in so many different ways! THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING, REALLY APPRECIATE YOU'VE STOPPED BY!

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