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RE: What I Learnt Today: Genes, Plasticity and Intelligence

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I was reading along and nodding away at so much of this. I wonder how much of this we don't want to believe, because it's easier to make excuses about why we're not good at something.

I feel like I could write a full post in response to each of these, but I'll try to keep it to just a couple of thoughts. Firstly, these reflect so many of the things I learnt from educating my girls and I always tried to remind them that repetition is the only real way to improve. I also used to work to find ways to make what they were learning enjoyable otherwise they weren't able to retain it.

The other thing that struck me, was your example for multitasking. While I'm with you that no-one really multitasks (the just switch between tasks) I will say that the music and study does work for a small few, but for a reason I've only recently discovered. Hubby used to play Metallica while taking exams and Angel focuses better with music blaring. Recently Angel was diagnosed with ADHD and part of her issue is that so much is going on inside her head, music is the only thing that quiets all that extra noise so she can focus better on the task at hand, especially if it's stressful or boring. So in their case, music actually acts to reduce the amount of distraction happening in their heads, giving them less to focus on.


I actually did want to question the guy on that but there were 100 people in the room and I was up the back 😂 ...

It's amazing how much we do know about the brain as educators, though we might not understand the brain science that supports what we know.

Oh the other thing wasn't just the reputation, it was bringing it up. He used the example of ad jingles.. the reason we recall them isn't just because we heard them all the time, but we sung them out aloud.

Oh yeah... I KNOW I'm shit at ball sports but that's an excuse not to play. If I had training, I could be. But I will choose not to. But.. I always say to Jamie day at just because I've been shit at something doesn't mean that I can't learn, like the sewing machine example from last week.

Thanks for replying.


And there we have another mark against big class sizes. 100 is far too big! 😜🤣

Ad jingles are a fun example. There are so many ads that stuck in my heed, because they were fun or catchy, but I rarely remember whey they were for. 😆 I guess this is where the realisation they we learn better when we enjoy what we're doing connects with repetition. We repeat what we enjoy way more than what we don't. Some real "aha" moments in all this.

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Lol! thank you.

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