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Good evening from Australia Home Edders I trust you're all having a fantastic day or night. We're having a great time losing hair trying to educate lil miss 3. I honestly can't complain though, she is a gem. I wish you could meet her to understand. Education plays a big role in development and I'll try and explain it.

About 6 months ago a journalist attended our home to interview my wife. She was met by lil miss 3, The journalist began speaking some form of low word baby talk. Lil Miss 3 responds with "I'm not a baby". The journalist took a step back and commenced talking normal. "Hi my name is, how are you? What have you been upto etc and lil miss 3 sustained the conversation, knew what a journalist was and did.

The journalist asked how old she was and I responded, 3. They were amazed and said I must read alot to her. I said no, I don't often have time to read as I am always stuck reading briefs, budget submissions, policies, strategies. Which is what I actually read to her. But I do engage in alot of discussion. I always include lil miss 3 in everything.

It back fires on me though, you ever argue with a 3 year old about not doing something? Try doing it with a 3 yr old that can hold a debate. I can literally see her stop, think and respond. She is already anticipating my response and trying to navigate the conversation. Not a skill everyone has.


But tonight is about Math. And what better way to learn about sizes and measurements including ALGIBRA I hate it so much I don't know if I spelled it correctly. Then with tools! Now, I know that this is the first time you have seen this. But I can assure you lil miss is handy with tools. You may have previously seen her repair a hole in the wall. No joke she did the brunt of the work.

But we've also built a decking together and a 3 meter raised garden bed from wood. Shes good.


I wasn't sure about purchasing this tool set as the label said 5+ I should have known better. I know, my bad. I have apologised to her about it. She didn't know why someone wouldn't write her age on it and immediately went to work.

The tool set came with a few projects to build as she hastily wanted to commence them I asked her to wait so I can help her with the pieces. After about 2 hrs and a battle I wasn't going to win. We went to the shed, got some wood and some nails.

She's currently building something for her doll house but hasn't told me yet and wants to show me later. She also asked me to get more wood for her.

The task however, that I set for her was to nail nails into the wood 5cms apart using the ruler.


There is a 5, 6 and an 8. She informed me it is because she did it Zig Zag because straight was too "boring".

Happy Home Schooling everyone!


If it's any consolation, on the debacling thing, we made the same mistake three times ;D

small one is not that great at it though

3yo sounds like my eldest at the same age, people would be astonished at his eloquence. Could she string sentences together at 1?

You did spell algebra wrong but that's fine as long as you can do it ;D

it was the only type of maths I could actually do

Now if you decide to stick with the homeschooling you're going to both have the time of your life and wish you'd just packed her off to school all the way through (especially when she hits the teens and decides that she knows better than everyone about everything XD).

My oh my. I know better than to argue with a 3 year old. I almost wanted to pull my hair out when I argue with my kid. Haha. You have a very bright kid right there, I think it helps that you talk about serious stuff with her. Budgeting and strategies are good topics. I guess I'll try that with my daughter too.

You'll be surprised how much they learn and understand, all of it goes out the window when you're standing in line and they want a chocolate or toy.

I also think you deserve some !WINE for that effort 🤣

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Cheer !wine

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What better way to learn life skills and math then with a hammer and some nails with a little project?! Our son definitely loves the building of stuff more than anything so he’s right up your alley with this stuff. Math hasn’t been much of a focus but he can build all kinds of things that he wants so it’s about balance lol.

I was shocking at Maths in school, however I am decent at it now mainly due to the hands on stuff. It all pretty much comes back onto itself and can be used in a range of applications from cooking to building to weighing. I learned the most from my grandfather who was a carpenter.

Its been great handing this down to my little one.


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Sounds like you'll have your hands full there! I was never one for baby talk with my girls and my eldest could speak clearly from the moment she started talking. Although now she's 19 I often can't understand her, because she's become lazy with her words. She claims it's just how the Aussies speak (we're from England originally), but I can understand Aussies. 🤔

I think she decided she wanted her independence the moment she hit her teens and that's when things got really rough. She can run rings round me, convince me black is white and it will take me a day to realise I've been had and she just got exactly what she wanted from me. She's left home now, which I must admit has reduced stress levels.

Oh, I'm scared of the future. I know its great skills to build but it is also going to cause alot of trouble.

Glad your daughters have grown up strong independent women. Well done. It's not easy raising kids. Whole new world for me.

It's certainly not an easy task to take on, the raising of children. Cherish as much as you can, because ultimately we raise them to leave us behind, don't we? The love we have for our parents is not the same as that we have for our children, so when they are no longer dependant on us we have to realise that their love for us will never match the love we have for them.

Seems to me that you make a great dad.


Ouch, right in the feels. Lil Miss 3 tells me a few times a week she no longer loves me 🤣 usually when she doesn't get what she wants.

Thank you, it means alot. I always ask how im going as a dad, but lil miss 3 has no one else to compare me to so not the best person to ask. Depending on her mood at the time will dictate the response I get 🤣


Wow, she's a challenger! I guarantee she loves you dearly, really. I agree, she probably isn't the best one to ask if you're doing a good job as a parent. Better to ask other parents as they have much more experience to compare with.

I believe that if you question yourself as a parent, then you are likely a good one, because you'll always seek to do the right thing by your child.

I try, and it is always good to unwind with some wine so cheers to that !WINE

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Thank you peeps:) much appreciated

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