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Gooooood day Homeedders I hope you've all been safe and well. Just when I thought I had done an pretty decent job training up our little warrior princess I get to do it all again with little bloke. Only this time I hope I can do it all a little bit better because I'm experienced.

I also have to admit, teaching lil bloke is a lot easier because he gets to also learn from his big sister so he is exposed to both age appropriate material for himself and higher level educational material that I do with little miss.

Although he won't understand much of what is occuring with little miss it is being absorbed by his young mind and there have been plenty of examples of him picking things up. Most notable is on the sports field where he spent all last year watching little miss play soccer at training and now, he knows what to do with a soccer ball and where to kick it without ever been shown.

Also other random things like the T.V remotes, he's using cutlery a lot sooner than lil miss did, riding a bike a lot sooner than she did and he even knows body parts a lot sooner. All this possible because he has learned through watching and listening to little miss and I as a baby.

I also cheat at times and get little miss involved in the teaching especially things that she knows how to do well. She has a lot more patience than me and gets a real confidence boost in her own skills by teaching her younger brother. Its also really adorable to watch.


Over the past few days I've started to introduce letters and numbers to little bloke through arts and crafts purely because he has shown interest as a lot of the activities I'm doing with little miss of late is creating cards, posters, and displays spelling words through sticking down letters and then either drawing associated pictures or finding them in magazines to stick to.

I haven't posted about it because little miss has gotten a little apprehensive with taking pictures and on quite a few occasions declined. That is fine, I respect her wishes and it is a good lesson in establishing boundaries and knowing that it is OK to say no to people.

I will say that she will make an appearance a little later in this thread as she was keen on getting involved and showing off her latest project. But we'll get to that a little later.


For this project we're just having fun as that is the main goal, all we do is get some pieces of paper a heap of colourful letters and glue them on the sheet of paper. No real order and not even trying to spell words.

We're just familiarising ourselves with letters and numbers in a fun way, we don't even get it right at times and I don't scald little bloke for getting it wrong. If he does, it gets stuck down anyway. But every time I call out a letter and he gets it right we smile say yay! And high 5.

Just reinforcing positive behaviour that way he remembers when I call out a letter and he gets the right one we get a good reaction.


When he selects the wrong letter I'll often ask him to try again and inform him of the letter he has selected, repeat the letter I have asked for and ask if he can find it for me.

Sometimes he will put it back and try again and other times he will just glue it on the paper and that's OK too. It's just about having fun and introducing letter to him.


As for little miss (she says Hi everyone!) We've gone onto bigger projects focusing on design, construction, planting seeds and growing things. Learning about the environment, being conscious about our self in the broader world and a lot more.

I'm getting a lot of questions lately to even hard topics which is awesome because we research things ourselves these days. She's becoming an ace on the internet which we are only allowed to use together.

But we jump on Google and type in the word we are looking for and then we read a few headings until we find what we are looking for. It's become an entire exercise in itself also involving how to use computers and technology.

Although, I think she keeps trying to ask me hard questions just to use the computer because she will often keep asking me things at times until she thinks of one that I may not know about in order to say "let's go research it!" 😉

I hope you have all been well and I look forward to updating you all on our progress and, hopefully in the near future we may have some more stories to share with you all about little miss' Learning. For now though we get to see little bloke grow.


Although, I think she keeps trying to ask me hard questions just to use the computer because she will often keep asking me things at times until she thinks of one that I may not know about in order to say "let's go research it!" 😉

Clever Little Miss. And Little Bloke is lucky he has a sister like Little Miss.

Haha yes! It is a clever little game she's been playing. But it is quite enjoyable

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It's adorable that the older sister gets involved in teaching the little one. The idea of ​​researching difficult questions in Google seems very good to me, since from an early age we teach them how to use technology.

Yes it is great asset to be able to teach but who knows if Google will be around in the future and perhaps another Tech giant will come our way.