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It was all hands on deck tonight in the garage with lil miss all while mum was in the other room fighting for affordable housing options. Interesting enough her points were strong. Women 45 and above are greatest at risk of homelessness and during COVID it is women whom have worn the brunt of job losses as they predominantly work in insecure work in the services industry.

But while mum battled we battles the construction dilemma of building a bob cat and a gum ball machine, which lil miss is pretty eager to rush out to the shops to buy some lollies to put into it.


I picked up a kids tool pack a few months ago from Australia's favourite hardware store, Bunnings. It is the pinnacle of hardware stores and a must travel to destination for any tourist who arrives to Australia. It came with its own kid hammer and tools, I've lost most of the pieces but the hammer has come in handy on a number of occasions and is usually laying around somewhere.


Projects like this are a great introductory project for kids to engineering and also help support hand eye coordination. Noting that the box said 5+ I thought a 4 year old wouldn't be too far off the mark and with a little help and a lot of sore fingers we got through pretty well.


Sure, I'm going to find it hard to work tomorrow and using the keyboard as it still hurts as I type this blog post but it was a wonderful way to introduce little miss to those challenges and why it's important to go slow and ensure our aim is spot on.


The bobcat was significantly easier to construct than the gum ball machine as the bob cat was more focused on folding and screws which we got into a quick lesson around Phillips and flat head screw drivers and ensuring we get the right screw driver for the right screw.

The gum ball machine also utilised glue for alot of the parts, where I didn't want to use anything to industrial I opted for some PVC which also has the added fun of being able to peel it off your skin making it look like another skin 🤣


More nails and more glue later little miss was really getting the hang of using tools she even hit my fingers less although I am of the belief she struck my fingers a few times just so she could laugh. Sadistic! Inflicting pain on others for personal enjoyment, I dunno about this one. I'll have to keep my eyes on her 🤣🤣🤣


She was pretty excited about the finished project and couldn't wait to show them off to mum once mum finished work. But the fun wasn't over yet, now that she had completed the build it was time to throw on a quick coat of paint or as any parent of a young child knows, paints.


We've got the gum ball machine aside to dry and tomorrow we will be heading down to the shop to pick up some lollies or candy to pop into the gum ball machine and use. I'm pretty proud of the work she put into it and projects like this help raise the bar for women in general. Unlike traditionally where projects like this would have only been done with young boys I also include my daughter.

I'm also planning on undertaking alot of DYI projects in our new house once it's completed and I'll need all the help I can get. So better to train her up now 🤣


lot of sore fingers we got through pretty well.

I feel you, this is exactly what I experienced when I started to do carpentry on our house for the first time in two decades.

I am of the belief she struck my fingers a few times just so she could laugh.

Hahaha! I think so too! (^_^)

Great work Dad and little Miss! Good to see you back in the community.

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Thank you :) It's been hard we haven't really done anything new other than typical boring stuff. We mixed it up with a bit of fun! Lol

The dog behind is jealous, he want attention too

Hola, me fascinó el trabajo de ingeniería realizado por tu hija, Dios la bendiga , Gracias por compartir, lo realizaré con mi pequeño. saludos @melbourneswest

Impressive engineering work done by her and its very good

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