Easy Basic Math For Autism | Let's Count With Piggies.

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Hi everyone, welcome to our classroom.

I haven't updated my son's improvement since my last post months ago but he got the best outcome I've seen.


So impressive, how he follows the directions, how he gets his enthusiasm to learn with curiosity in every single task.
He knows how to write total 23 letters without any help, read using an app, using his talker/proloquo2go more often and willingly bringing it anywhere he goes.


The picture above shows his worksheet before and after.

The video I want to share this time is about how my son learns basic counting the easy way. For me, it's a huge paid off seeing him move his tiny fingers and count each pig without me helping him.

In the video, my son is counting by placing piggies that already marked with numbers from 1-10. Then, he has to place the pigs in each every stamps he is going to count, when he finished placing the pigs, the last number will show how many pigs there are.

Thank you for visiting my blog,


That's great, I love how the pigs have numbers on them to let you know how many there are! I think that's a great way to help the kids learn for sure.

Counting and then writing the number down is something we take advantage of as an adult, I think. Our son is in the stages of learning the different letters and numbers and it's a little challenging some days but we try to be consistent and reinforce when the moment arises!

Thanks for sharing these with us, I think it's incredible! 😊

Hi @cmplxty,
The numbers on the piggies are to help him so he can easily visualize more intently.

I wish the school district or any other therapy places will listen to what our kids need instead of using their theory that doesn't really work for some.

Thank you for passing by,

Yeah, schools are definitely in a "mold your kid to fit theirs" setup instead of being flexible to mold their ways to fit the kids they are teaching. All the better reason to homeschool whenever possible!


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I am smiling right now. I enjoyed seeing how you firmly, but sweetly interacted with your son. Teaching is about meeting people where their needs are. Seems like you are doing a great job helping make progress every day.

Keep it up!

Hi @sumatranate,

Oooh, your comment is melting my heart. Thank you.
I often withdraw from class for few minutes and scream in my pillow to let my frustration out.

I have been working from home since the pandemic started. There are moments when my wife has to get away from the kids for a moment. She comes back to our room, where I work, to just get some quiet time or talk about what is frustrating her.

That's life! Let the frustration go.


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Nice dear. Its good to see he his making a good progress. Best regards.

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Hi @gungunkrishu,
Thank you for your support and nice comment, BTW thank you for mentioning the TAN coin, I'll check it out.


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These are really good ideas for visual and physical ways of helping with what we usually do as mental concepts. I also like how the glue is purple so he can visually see the result of his actions and knows if it's working how he expected. So few of us can learn without the physical stimuli, so I just love what you're doing here.

Hi @homeedders, thank you for your feedback.
It's a great thing that he can learn, engage, and focus in task even though a little bit challenging for me to come up with a concept to support his needs. Seems so real that in the end we are all always learning.


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LOL ..
I know you are a funny guy. Thanks btw.

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Your son's doing a great job, and so are you, momma! 😍 Look at how he intently finished the task... And. Your loving affirmation. ❤️

Hi @arrliinn, thank you for passing by
We work for months to get there, but he pride me with some progress in every tasks ...