Easy Basic Math For Autism | Helping Your Love One Count Visible Objects.

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Hi everyone, welcome to our classroom.

Getting over something, committing in it and putting an effort to pursue, to build and to improve takes dedication. No matter how hard, you still keep going because you know at the end of the tunnel, there's always light.


I have been working with my autistic son educationally for almost 1.5 years now, nothing is impossible if we really doing it with love.

If my last post was about counting in existing images, this time my purpose is for him to understand and be able to perform if someone or myself asks him some for an amount of things.

Example, this is a simple basic math when we teach 2 year old kids, can I have two candies, please! And they will give it to you correctly without a doubt.
There is no way a severely autistic kid like my son can do that. But with a lot of time and patience, I see he is finally getting there. Although my style in teaching isn't the same as you guys teaching your kids.

Still using miniature piggies, practice twice a week with a lot of help and visualizing in every step of tasks.

Example of task:
Adam, can you please give me 7 pigs.

  1. He has to match the number on the container to the number on the template I made.
  2. He has to put one pig in every box that has number on it (to assist him visually).
  3. He has to stop when he reach the container, that means he will get the correct number as we ask for.

Below is his video counting 7 pigs.


He has been learning for almost two months now. I hope soon he will be able to carry out his task without the container if I ask him "I want 7 piggies".

Just in case you guys are curious about my last post about helping an autistic child how to count, below is link you can check it out.


Thank you for visiting my blog,


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Hi @homeedders,
Once again, thank you for endorsing my post.
Kind Regards,

I agree with you, love is definitely the key, the key to every teaching process, and it can certainly work miracles. I don't know how deep your child's autism is, however, I can speak from my own experience and assure you that any special condition can be overcome to a greater or lesser extent, with continuous work and a lot of love. I admire your dedication to your son, surely your effort will have results. Never give up. Greetings and blessings.

Hi @tarot911,
Thank you for stopping by n please pardon me for late reply.
My son's autism is enough to get almost 18 hours a day of attention, he speaks simple words using an app/proloquo2go.
It surely needs a lot of continously work and i see he's more aware in learning.
I'm grateful for that.
Kind Regards,

Don't worry about the delay, I know we get busy sometimes. I am convinced that it can improve a lot. I know it well from experience. A big hug.

Dear @lugina It is a laborious task to teach a child with severe autism and no one better than parents to break the isolation that the condition imposes. You are doing an excellent job and soon you will see progress in what you are teaching.

Hi crypto.piotr,
Thank you for stopping by, yes you're right.
I've been seeing numerous progress in many different areas, grateful i made the right choice by pulling him from regular school n all therapy.

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Hi @misterengagement,
Thank you for your support.
Kind Regards,


Hi @homeedders,
Thank you for your support.
Kind Regards,