Home Education Curation Collection. 5th July 2020

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This week we've got lots of fun activities to share and learn from. So let's get stuck in!



This week @arrliinn shared with us the many benefits of homemade playdough for the home educating parent. You might be surprised at just how many areas of the curriculum you can cover by engaging the hands


@lafeedekalarka set up an exercise using poetry to get a better understanding of the use of the word “like” in ways other than as a verb. While it was aimed at teaching Spanish speakers English, it's an exercise that could be used for more fully understanding English words even in those with English as a native language.


@cassidydawn shares her latest project of Irish crocheting including a little history about how it was used in the Irish potato famine.


Science experiments have got to be one of the most fun ways to learn! @lasocia has been sharing several simple experiments, all worth a look. Here is the most recent one involving gravity.


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Loving all the activities this week!

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