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My daughters started out in the school system, so I wasn't very involved in their early learning, particularly literacy. I've often wondered what methods people use to teach their children letters, reading and writing when they home educate. I don't even remember how I learnt to read myself, because it started when I was so young!

I've since learnt that there are lots of different ways they can learn and that every child is different in their approach and at what age they are able to take it on board. This week we have a couple of features on books and literacy and a couple of hands on science experiments to share.



A great idea for learning letters and building them into words, @romeskie shares how she made her pull our flash cards.


Is there any time that's too soon for a child to start a love of books? @bearone is relishing the fact that little Bella is already fascinated by her books and is encouraging it with a good variety, while welcoming more suggestions.


A fairly new user to hive, @elsocio, shares a science experiment on water surface tension, which is a fun project for a wide age range.


@lasocia brings us another fun centre of gravity experiment.


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Thank you very much for taking into account my work!

You're welcome. Thank you for sharing.

Couldn't help but wonder if the last two were related or if the usernames were coincidental and yep they seem to be XD

why do I notice completely useless things XD

I did some uming and ahhing over that one too!

I'm so grateful for all the support I've had with the HomeEdders community. It really feels like people are starting to notice this little community now!

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