Experiment: Chemical Reaction

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Chemical Reaction

Today I would like to share about a previous experiment that I made with my brother and sister. It was about chemical reaction. Chemical reaction is a kind of change in matter when two or more molecules interact with each other and then form a new element or compound.


Before conducting this experiment, we also discussed about the three states of matter:

  • solid - have definite shape and size
  • liquid - flows and takes up the shape of its container
  • gas - flows and takes up the shape of its container because its particles move freely in all directions

We used our favorite baking soda and vinegar for this experiment. Remember when my little sister made a volcano? So our materials are just the same but now we trapped the new compound created in the chemical reaction in a balloon.

What happened in the experiment?

We combined the baking soda and vinegar together and put a balloon on the bottle. The acid and the base created a new compound, which was carbon dioxide and it filled up the balloon!

The balloon quickly inflated as soon as we mixed the baking soda and vinegar together.




It was so fun!

We hope you also enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed doing the experiment.

Until next time!

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Kuya Roulan

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I forgot about this variation, we did it once in a homeschool science class and then forgot about it so we never repeated it at home like we intended ^_^;

I guess this wasn't helped by the fact I hate balloons x_x

Glad you had fun doing the experiment, it does look like a fun one :D

I guess this wasn't helped by the fact I hate balloons x_x

I hear ya!

Oh, we did it many times. Hehe. My small sister and little brother love playing with balloons. They pump it and let it fly when they release the air. :)

My kids used to love doing that too XD As long as there is nothing that can get knocked over and break, it's all good ;D

There are very simple chemistry experiments that allow us to demonstrate important concepts with our children, and children love the appearance of a new compound or a change of color, which boosts their interest in the study of science.

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