Science Project: Behavior of Plants [6th Grade]

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Hi, my name is Roulan and today I am going to share an experiment that I made about the behavior of plants. I got this experiment from my book when I was studying my Science lessons.

🌱Here are facts about plants that you might not know.

  • Did you know that plants have the ability to change in response to stimulus like animals do?

  • Did you know that plants have very interesting ways to protect themselves and stay alive?

  • Did you know that some plants have special ways to respond that seem to defy the laws of nature?

Science Project: Behavior of Plants


There are four types of plant behaviors:

Geotropism 🌍

The movement or plant growth due to the earth's gravity.

Hydrotropism 💧

It is the growth of plants towards the water.

Phototropism 🌞

It is the growth of plants towards the sunlight.

Tropism 🌬

It is the plant growth caused by outside stimulus.

I did an experiment about phototropism. What I needed for the experiment:
  • a pot of soil
  • some seeds that can grow vines
  • and a box with a hole in it

Time to plant! 🌱

First I needed to get the soil so I go to my dad’s garden and borrowed some of his soil. My dad has a big garden in this picture of me getting soil. He grows lots of plants like sweet potato, chili, and tomato.


Then I planted about four mongo seeds into the pot. This is how they look up close.


About three or four days later, the seeds sprouted out. It was now time to wait and observe how the plants will behave inside the box.
After around two days later their stems got a bit longer and started to lean towards the hole of the box.
After 10 days, one of the plants poked out of the box and I took a picture of the plants. This is how it looks like when it poked out of the hole in the box.


I was surprised to see the plant poked out of the box and took a picture of the plant and this how it looks like. It looked like that it was being blown away by a strong wind.
They look like that because they were trying to get to the hole which has the sunlight that the plants need to grow.


I had an idea of what would happen if I turned the pot around? About the next four days, the plants grew towards the hole again but there are more leaves poking out of the hole and our experiment is finished. Now I can just let my plants grow in my dad's garden.

Other observations:

  1. The plants had very long stems because they were looking for a way to reach the sunlight.
  2. The leaves were not as bright green because they did not catch a lot of sunlight when inside the box.

I hope you liked our little experiment.

Until the next time!


Pretty cool experiment :D

I remember reading about an experiment where some people played different types of music to tomatoes to see what they liked (from memory they like classical music XD), if you have space and time that might be another fun one :)

Oh, that is interesting. We will see if we can try that too. Thank you.


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A very educational post Roulan, and some keen plant observations . Also, your spelling, grammar, and markdown are awesome!

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Great experiment, thank you for sharing!

Thank you! We had fun!

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