Our First Science Activity for 2021: Planting

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Happy New Year everyone!

Hello, fellow home edders. We are back with our first Science activity for the year 2021. Last Christmas, we got a very special gift from our Mom's friend, tita @pingcess. It was The Great Lab of Sciences - a special book with 5 cool Science activities to enjoy.


The first activity that we tried was Botany. Inside the box was a pack that will help us get started with our own mini-garden.

There were small pots, mulch, seeds, and a box to set it up in.

We hope you check the video out and see how much fun we had in setting up our garden, with some lessons along the way.

▶️ Watch on 3Speak

Keep tuned for the next activities from the Great Lab of Sciences that we will share here soon!

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Love it, botany is so important to understand! I’m not too good at it but as with everything with our son, I’m expanding my scope of things I’m doing and learning. Plants are amazing! It’s a lot of fun to just go outside and show them but take something from outside and transplant it inside is also a nice thing to give a try like a simple flower. Keep up the good work!


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Wow, you are becoming quite the presenters!

Thank you! They love to explain every bit they do. 😅😁

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