Junior Engineering

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Hi fellow Edders,

Recently our son and I had a bunch of fun with something a little unexpected!


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Junior Engineering

One of the things that I've been trying to do is incorporate different types of learning methods into the overall educational experience of our son. He's really come a long way in a year which is great! He's slowly picking up words that he can read which is great and he's recognizing the letters a lot more which is a big plus for him. He has some snags with some but that's okay, it's all part of the journey!

One of his favorite things lately has been dismantling things. Instead of doing all kinds of stuff that we don't want him to do, I've come up with the idea that if we are going to throw something away, let's just let him dismantle it for fun and education!



We've dismantled some fun stuff over the past few weeks! This one was something we got for some type of gift at some point but it was a popcorn air fryer. We don't eat popcorn and don't really want it so instead of throwing it in the trash without having some fun, I knew we were going to enjoy taking it apart!


He got to see that, once dismantled of course, we were able to put the wires of the thing together a battery pack that we had and it turned on! This was a device that plugged into the wall of course, so I couldn't just plug it in after taking it apart. I figured I would give it a try though to just connect it to the battery! Thankfully the motor was a decent size so it didn't take a lot and we were able to get it to work. It's hard to see but it's spinning here.

He had a lot of fun with it and we will do a better job at taking some pictures in the next bout of our little science experiment!

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Love what you're doing here! Lucky me, grandpa' is an engineer, in case my son will be interested!:D

That's great! We have a few different fields in our family but engineering isn't one of them lol it's fun to learn this stuff though!

Well, same as here, same for everyone I guess. You canot have them all right? I'm not passionate about engineering, technology or IT. SO it's good I have many people in the family in these fields, in case my son will be interested in learning them. He's very passionate about numbers so maybe someday math, science, IT, would be something he'd wanna do. Idk..

Btw, mentioning about this, you know something?
ASCII Table - this is what he was learning (memorizing) lol. Google it in case you don't know what is this.

So funny thing: one day me and my husband were in the city with some business so my 3 yrs old stayed with his grandparent.
When we came home, my father said: I didnt know what to play with him anymore so I showed him the ASCII Table. He already knows it. I said what? My son has such a good memory! And not just memory, he understands the logic behind it. That is so cool. My father still asks him from time to time "Hey Caleb, what's the symbol for A in coding?" and my son responses precisely, every symbol. :)

That’s too funny! The ascii is definitely hard to look at for those who aren’t passionate about it so I’m glad that your son enjoys it hahaha

Well, I've seen the table, I get it. But it's not interesting to me.:d

I sometimes do this with my eldest-- give him some old computer parts then ask him to dismantle and reassemble them again.

That's great! Dismantling and assembling computer parts is a great step. I used to do that with my own computer stuff and ended up learning to build a couple computers!

Yep! Trying to tickle the interest too.

I used to do this when I was young, which I think has the most influence on me when I finally went to college. Good evening!

Yeah this type of stuff is a good benefit for them I think! We are hoping it leads to work in the trades like electrical or something, even a mechanic!

This reminds me that my husband apparently used to take nearly everything apart as a kid. It was many years before he learnt how to put them back together again, though. Drove his parents whappy, because they didn't know how to put them back together either, so he had drawers of dismantled items. 😆 He became a maintenance engineer.

Hahah that's awesome! I know our son is definitely going to do something with his hands, he it a trade like electrical or something but he has a lot of fun with this for sure. I was surprised that we got the motor to work, thankfully we had the battery pack lying around! I've thankfully channeled some of his destructive energy into something fun and useful for him, it was a little crazy at one point lol

Kids love having fun with things like this. It forms a foundation for a lot of practical living. Your kid is building up a useful type of confidence.

Thanks, yeah I certainly hope so lol he's going to do a lot of fun stuff with his hands that's for sure!

He will enjoy every minute of it.

Great idea, this is exactly how I learned 85% of what I know about fixing things!

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Thanks! It's a lot of fun for sure and definitely some great stuff to learn! I know he will certainly do something with his hands so we are trying our best to get him as many things as we can for exposure!