The beginners guide to join the future…

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What is AI, why is it so popular nowadays and why everyone wants to learn it?

Actually, this is a very simple question.

Artificial Intelligence is a field of computer science which mainly focuses on creating intelligent machines that could emulate a human’s brain. Sounds a bit crazy, huh? Well it might have sound like that in the 1950s, the moment when AI was born.

[…] every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can be in principle so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it. McCarthy et al., A Proposal fot Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence, 1955.

Nowadays, with the advances in computational power “doing AI” doesn’t sound that crazy anymore but rather attractive. Another aspect that came along with the available computing is the ability of generating data. You might be wondering what is that “data” thing and why is it so important. Well, data is basically the fuel for AI and it has become extremely cheap with the advances in technology such as hardware capabilities or sensors, as an example. People are constantly generating data and building datasets that serve are used to train the algorithms in which AI is based on.

The thing is that the application of the field has been expanding to other fields and people have started to realize that AI is powerful enough to make a change, a difference in our lives that are not only affecting our work environment but also at home. I don’t want to generate any type of confusion here: the boom of AI exists, yes! but AI is not a trend, it was invented to stay and to keep evolving over time. So until some extent it makes sense that everyone wants and should start learning the basics of this field and to keep growing in it. On top of that, the more people we manage to be in the community, the quicker will grow and make an impact in people’s life. Now that we understood the concept, you might be wondering…

How can I start learning AI?

First of all, you have to know that there is no requirements at all to start learning the field. Like any other field you just have to be passionate about it and work hard. Being passionate is a key aspect of it, you will never learn if you are zero interested in the topic. When I say that you have to work hard, I mean it. AI is not an easy field, it is a multi-disciplinary field and it takes a lot of practice to be specialized just in one.
I want to stop here and tell you a secret: before I knew AI, I didn’t know AI. What? yes, exactly. We are not born knowing, we are first born and then we learn. I want to tell you another secret: I was already a graduate before knowing AI. What? yes, exactly. I learned about AI later on doing my masters studies (in AI of course), but my point is that I don’t believe is required to have any diploma certifying that you know AI to know AI. Anyone is more than free to learn outside institutions, but of course you need good resources and, to be honest, institutions gives you that.

Be passionate, be creative, believe in yourself and you will eventually succeed!