The Voyage

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“So you believe that we come from monkeys?” Saana said.

“Not exactly,” replied Konrad. “It’s more like we’re cousins. Related to each other by blood and with a common ancestor.”

“An ancestor that was part man and part monkey?” She raised her eyebrows and giggled. “Your people have peculiar beliefs.”

He laughed. “I suppose so."

“Being a monkey, it’s no so bad, I guess," she said snuggling up to him. "You hang around in trees all days, eat bananas, and make love.”

Konrad made a monkey sound and buried his face in her neck. She yelped and laughed then swooned.

“Come,” she said in a raspy voice. “Read me that book of yours. I like to know what sort of man comes up with these fanciful ideas.”

Konrad cleared his throat and began to read

After having been twice driven back by heavy south-western gales, Her Majesty’s ship Beagle, a ten-gun brig, under the command of Captain Fitz Roy, R.N., sailed from Devenport on the 27th of December, 1831...


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so, what kind of person is Saana? is she from outerspace or something 😆

Hehe... I don't want to give away the whole plot, but there might be tentacles involved...😄

Whaat? tentacles? 😱 is she the female version of Davy Jones ?

Maybe she comes from a planet with a different theory of evolution that involves more tentacles. Or maybe the story takes place at a time when people did not have a good grasp of Darwin's theory. So the general popular understanding was that we came from monkeys. Innocent times :)

Are they discussing their evolutionary background monkey or apes? Might be this story is related to the wonderful photo you have captured. A blue tale hehe.

Thank you @ayesha-malik! In the story, the couple is talking about Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. When it first came out, it was extremely controversial in western society. One of the reasons it was controversial was because people did not have a good understanding of the theory. It is a bit complex. One popular myth was that the theory proposed that humans evolved from monkeys. So this was often used to ridicule Charles Darwin's idea.

At the end of the story, Konrad reads a passage from a book written by Darwin called The Voyage of the Beagle. This book is an account of Darwin's travels through the new world, which influenced the development of his theory. But the story is not really about the theory itself but rather about the tender love between Konrad and Saana. In spite of the differences in their knowledge, they embark together in a voyage of discovery... between the sheets. So, I guess the story is about monkey business after all. 🐒 🐒 😄

Hehe can I mention that voyage was toward the Galapagos Islands where he got an idea about natural selection and how better-fitted organisms are chosen by nature? Wallace's book assisted him too but yeah it's controversial. Religious conflict happens even if my religion negates it too. But I have a question if apes were not our ancestors and few human beings were made monkeys as curses what is the function of the Vestigial organ in our body. Hehe, I am not asking you for answer😁

Oh, your story hehe it's nice yet conceptual 😇 !LUV

I've always wanted to visit the Galapagos Islands. Very fascinating place!

There are a lot of interesting questions surrounding the theory of evolution (and its development as you suggested), especially when it comes to humans. Maybe one of these days, I'll write a story about it. But that sounds like a lot of hard thinking 😆

Thank you for your wonderful comments @ayesha-malik!

Hehe don't forget to find out that finches have different beaks 😁 I am a science student but still I keep religion and science away from each other. Might be some funny story that wouldn't hurt the feelings at the same time explaining your viewpoint. ❤

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Thank you for reading @agmoore! 😄

This is actually a super sweet moment, capturing a lovely domestic cosiness.

Bananas and trees sounds like a life well spent

Thank you! That was the feeling I was going for. If I had to critique my own work, I would say it's a little sexist, but hopefully not too bad. 😊

Ha, well, I would never have criticised you for that on the blockchain, but there's been moments ... :P


I would like to Learn the way to make monkeys sounds, the book they read must be interesting.

😄 Thank you @johnbenn! The book was actually The Voyage of the Beagle by Charles Darwin. This is why the story is called The Voyage.

Great one