Tree #2

I enjoy world building. Short stories and fragments to flesh out new solarpunk worlds as they arrive in my mind. Here's part #2 of Tree. You can get to read part #1 if you haven't already right here.



Nothing seemed to work. I suggested, commanded, demanded, the door to open but nothing happened, not even a tiny amount of flexing.

‘Don’t worry’ my instructor said. ‘Establishing your psychic connection with our home takes time. It has to get used to the way you think and you must learn how it thinks’.

‘Why did the doors open for me when I arrived’?

‘Tree is very kind and knows that you are new to our home. It gave you a break because you were tired and hungry. She was happy that you worked the spigots by yourself. You have aptitude and will be very welcome here’.

‘Can I rest a while, refocus”?

‘Sure. Let's go for a walk and let the Earth calm our minds’.

We walk down the lower steps, heading toward the dappled Sunlight and the soft leaf fall of the clearing.

I looked back, laughingly suggesting that the door close behind us. It did.

‘You’ve got it’! My instructor cried. I’m sure our home is quivering with laughter. I can feel joy radiating from it and hear a cheer rise from the kitchen.

‘It’s a lesson we all have to learn in order to dwell here. We are connected energetically and physically to Tree and around here, our thoughts manifest themselves’.

‘Why is it so hard to open a door then’?

‘It’s not - you just proved that. Just don’t take yourself too seriously and let things flow’.

‘I get it. Upstairs, I was trying to make the doors open and close. Now I just suggested it and it worked. No forcing, no demand, just a light suggestion’.

‘You’ll find that applies to so many things here’. It’ll change your life.






''No forcing, no demand, just a light suggestion’.

I think we have to live with such a philosophy in all of life.
When we force things, we don't get anywhere. Talking nicely and calmly and staying calm really works better.

Thank you for writing a beautiful story

True. I try to make it my approach but ...ego and all that.