Cthonic chapter 3

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Here's the third part of my evolving story about repairing the Earth and ourselves with it. You can find the first two chapters on my blog or in #Scholarandscribe.

I hope you enjoy this one.

Current brings with her her seeker. An older male from the institute.

Cloud is giving me a series of meditations Watching the work of three of the formed would stretch and warp my being in strange ways. She is thinking that I need several points of focus and grounding to hold onto once the work begins, else my mind would no longer function in this world in any recognisable manner.

The earlier seekers are housed in an institute, a temple of sorts, dedicated to their well being and the interpretation of their knowledge. It is thought that interpretations of their unfiltered ravings may help us in understanding the cosmos. They were exposed, unprotected and unprepared, to the full experience of the multidimensional pluriverse in which humanity is but a brief glimmer, a particle emerging from a cosmic field for an immeasurably brief existence.

Minds bent and twisted, the early seekers are monitored and recorded, their pronouncements and mumblings all recorded and analysed by blended intelligences created by Switch. They are watched and heard by human saints, poets and prophets all hoping to wring some titbit of enlightenment from the barely verbal uttering of the seekers.

This seeker is frail beyond belief his translucent skin almost glows in the evening light and those eyes - eyes that look through me as if I'm not there, not a corporeal body at all.

He laughs and brings all of his attention to bear on me, shrinking me in my place. I feel afraid to be in the presence of one who has seen it all, just for the briefest moment and survived with a agreed of sanity. The only one ever to do so.

Cloud intercedes and brings a screen of rain drops between us, breaking the spell, allowing me to regain my composure.

The formed have chosen you for an adventure he said, a little trip with them. His pitch was disconcerting and I could see that he was spending a lot of energy trying to stay focused on myself and out immediate environment. Cloud blows gently puffs of air to help keep his interest in our present stimulated.

She is in a rare, almost physical form. Tenuous streamers of mist dancing around our feet This is the most corporeal I've ever seen her.

Something of great importance must be happening. Do I want to be involved?





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