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RE: Harbour - a solarpunk story. Part 2

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Gotta say this is my first solarpunk 'exposure'. 😁 And I see a lot of potential. Your writing is also technical, like a textbook but not really, kinda weird. But I like it! Always refreshing to read something from a new viewpoint. 👍

I feel like you're doing your world building on Hive and publishing your shit elsewhere. Which, if it's the case is a genius ploy. 😄

At any rate, this was super intriguing, glad I read it. 😌


Thanks for those positive comments @grockrock666
Solarpunk is a fascinating and relatively new genre of fiction, kind of like climate fiction (clifi). It looks at the positives and potential of our species and seeks to uplift with possibilities rather than grind down with doom and gloom. It can be, as mine is, almost real world situations or completely parallel or alternative worlds. The key is that there is a use of tech that is in harmony with the world and our greater good. You're going to love it!

You're right, I am doing a little world building here. As you have seen, my stories are kind of diy manuals for appropriate tech and society. I don't know about final publication but I am taking advantage of the security of the blockchain to record my ideas first before leaping into the bigger world of publishing. I will probably publish as ebooks on something like Hivelist.

I've got another series of stories, much bleaker and heavier, called 'Infernal' on this account. i started writing that before I discovered the Scholar and scribe community though but will roll over with the next installment.

Glad you like it! !luv