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RE: Facility Manager Log 2021-08-27

in Facility Management2 years ago

Roofing is such a big pain in the ass, but so important to maintain. I try to tell people all the time that the most important thing to take care of on a building and spare no cost, is the roof, at least IMO.

Facilities managers, when you have a good one, are your ace. They seem to always know a little about everything industrial, plumbing, and electrical maintenance-related. A really good one takes that knowledge and can apply it to how to make the facility support the business strategy and operations more effectively.


That part about supporting the business strategy and operations is textbook training for the job. An organization that understands the function will see FM as a way to leverage their other assets, which are people and technology, to produce the product or service that pays the bills. Rather than being a cost center, FM can be leverage.

As for roofs, it's worth paying the extra cash for a manufacturer warranty, if you have TPO. It deflects some of the cost. Of course, in the interior of the building there is still some repair cost. But, sometimes it's just a new ceiling tile.