Roof Washing Results

It can be difficult to explain to commercial building owners that their experience with their home maintenance does not directly port to commercial building maintenance. This is particularly true when it comes to costs. Commercial materials and mechanicals are built to a higher standard for durability. In addition, there is maintenance required, such as our TPO membrane roof, which requires regular cleaning.

In the photos below, you can see the difference in reflectivity a clean roof has compared to one that needs washing.




The cleaner roof reflects more light than the dirty one, which lowers the temperature of the roof. In turn, that lowers your cost of cooling the building. In addition, a clean roof means that you are not walking on dirt that grinds the TPO membrane, causing premature wear. Taking good care of your roof means that you are more likely to make it to the full warranty period or more without having to replace your roof. Not taking care of your roof can potentially void the warranty, leaving you to bear the full cost of repairs.

It appears that the crew will take approximately four days to finish washing our roof, based on their progress on the first day.


that is a huge difference between the washed and unwashed sections. Hopefully tenants or facilities management will see the impact in their electricity bill and get the roof cleaned more often.

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That's 2 years worth. We had a budget shortfall that prevented us from washing the prior year.

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