Facility Manager Log 2021-05-17

Loading Docks

This weekend I got called in by the brewery because the truck well had flooded with the rains. I purchased a replacement sump pump and placed it over the drain to lower the water level. I did not pay attention to it for a while. When I returned, it appeared that the original sump pump drained the rest of the water. I'll have to put away the new sump pump and leave it as a reserve just in case the old one fails. I do not have an explanation why the original pump was not working, or was working extremely slowly. It is possible the check valve is clogged.

Flooded Truck Well

Roof Leak

The rains also revealed a roof leak, last week. Today, I have contractors coming in to find the leak and repair it. This should be warranty work by the roof material manufacturer. If the leak is a result of mechanical damage, then we will have to foot the bill.

Extractor Motor

The kitchen smoke extractor has been making a great deal of noise. The motor needs its bearings replaced. I have contacted an electrician to come and service the extractor. Most likely, he will have to replace the motor. He will be here when the roofers come in. The roof is slippery in the mornings with the morning dew.


We had freezing weather earlier this year. This killed our hedges. We have received a proposal from our landscaping company to remove the dead hedges and till the soil in preparation for other plants to be installed at a later time. The proposal has been approved. We will need to notify the landscaping company so that they can schedule the work.

We are also concerned about an oak tree that is along the path of a trench that must be dug to lay a sewer line. If the trench doesn't kill the tree, the roots will become problematic in the future due to their proximity to the sewer line. We will need to either remove the tree or find a new home for it.

Fire Inspections

Fire Riser
This month we are due for annual fire inspections. We have received the proposal and are reviewing it prior to approval. The work includes inspecting the fire alarm, testing the emergency lights, inspecting the fire sprinkler system, and inspecting the backflow preventer.

Property Inspection

We had a large event this weekend. As any event that invites the public, there is almost always damage that must be repaired. At first glance, it appears we may need some walls cleaned and possibly repainted.

Window Testing

We have had some windows leak during hard rains. We need to repair all the windows in our facility. However, we require having one window repaired to give us a better idea of what is needed to repair all the others. This makes the proposal more accurate. We are pending repair of the test window.


We are pending proposals for expansion of electrical and water utilities to our food park. In addition, we are pending a proposal for sail shades that would over the entire area.

Odd Job

We have a dangling sound baffle that must be reattached to the roof deck. Sound baffles allow occupants to have a conversation in a large room without the interference of echoes. We have had water penetration in our roof in the past. This has caused corrosion in the screws anchoring the sound baffles to the roof deck. As a result, they randomly break off and require reattachment.


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