2022-06-06 - Facility Manager Log

Occupants complained that it is warm in their room. I logged into the cloud management system and saw that the unit is measuring 80F. It shows that compressor 1 and compressor 2 are both engaged. Site inspection shows that there is no air blowing out of the unit. I suspect that the blower motor has burnt out.

I have called the HVAC service company to dispatch a technician. If it is the blower motor, I have one in stock that we can use to get the unit up and running again. We can then order a motor to replace the one in inventory.

As it turns out, the blower motor did go bad. But, the extra motor on hand is not the same as the one that went out.

Another unit is also reporting long runtime. I'm having the technician look at that while he's here.

Technician suggested that if I'm getting spare motors, I should also get spare freeze stats as they seem to be frequently going bad.

I have contacted the contractors that installed our windows because we are still experiencing leaks. The majority of the leaks have been resolved, except for three.


Sounds like an especially busy day. It is probably a good idea to have backups to backups. Especially given the unknown factor of random supply chain issues.

Supply chain has been challenging lately. Also, the rise in prices for all materials and equipment.

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