Loom of the Future. The Weather Engineering Work of Trevor James Constable

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Those of us who are drawn beyond the boundaries of conventional thought owe a debt to one of the great natural scientists of the 20th century, Trevor James Constable (TJC). Originally an aviation and military historian, Constable became fascinated with the UFO phenomena, and began a decades-long quest into the unseen forces of nature.

Constable was astonished at what he had found (in the field of UFO phenomena) and resolved to learn as much as he could about the invisible world that was glimpsed in his photographs. Constable’s journey is well documented in The Cosmic Pulse of Life, which delves into the work of several prominent researchers, including Rudolf Steiner, Ruth B. Drown and Wilhelm Reich.

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By studying the legacy of these scientists and their remarkable achievements, Constable acquired a basic understanding of etheric physics and the ways in which the subtle forces of nature interact with the sensible world. In addition, he learned how to construct the first generation of machines specifically engineered to interact with etheric forces: orgone accumulators and cloudbusters based on designs by Wilhelm Reich.

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Constable applied this knowledge by launching an extensive program of field research to address two of the enormous challenges facing Southern California: drought relief and smog control.

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The Loom of The Future (1994) documents his 20+ years of research into etheric weather engineering, based on the principles of Steiner, Drown and Reich. The book contains dozens of photos and charts, and a lengthy interview conducted by Thomas J. Brown, Director of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation.

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By the mid-1990s, Constable had developed resonant, self-powered devices that were relatively simple to construct and remarkably effective. He also discovered that light aircraft were the most cost-effective way to deploy them. And while the practice of weather engineering remains perilous in certain countries due to the influence of special interests, Constable’s discovery of resonant etheric devices has profound implications for future technology in many fields. source

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