DOR (deadly orgone) made me sick

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I don't much like writing about things which worked out badly but in this case I feel obliged, as a warning to anyone else who may follow in my footsteps. It has been a week since I accidentally exposed myself to DOR and even as I write these words I realise I am still not myself. I feel tired and am getting a lot of headaches. Orgone energy is a real thing and so too is DOR which accumulates in our atmosphere and can be extremely harmful to humans when working with an orgone accumulator, or indeed an inverted earth pipe.


Twelve days ago I made this earth pipe which is an orgonite pyramid with a copper pipe. Normally the pipe goes into the ground and the soil benefits, which in turn leads to better plant growth.

In the middle there is a quartz crystal with copper wire around it.


The rest of the pyramid is made of bees wax/bentonite clay/iron powder. With an outer layer of epoxy resin.


After making the device I put it in the sun for a few days, in this raised bed outside our home, where it became extremely hot.


Then I wrote this post (11 days ago) to describe the construction process.

I noticed at the end of the second day there was a bubble forming on the inside of the resin.


This was a great sign because it offers absolute proof there is pressure building up on the inside, inducing the piezoelectric effect of the quartz crystal. One of the main arguments against epoxy resin as the main ingredient is that there is no evidence of pressure being created on the crystals once the resin is dry. Whereas I can say with certainty my pyramid is doing exactly what it was built for. That being said mine will be most effective on sunny days and perhaps not effective at all during the winter? And my current prototype needed a thicker outer layer to hold the pressure in.

So I put the pyramid back in its mold (with some small crystals and a copper spiral wedged in there to create the required space for a thicker outer layer) and after letting the resin set, I placed it in the garden aligned with the cardinal points.


Always think before you act

For some unknown reason I elected at this point to take the pyramid home for a night and put it under my bed.

I have slept with many pyramids under my bed now and am getting quite good at sensing which are more powerful than others but this isn't like my other orgonite pyramids. It is an earth pipe. Which is basically an inverted mini cloudbuster. With the tube in the soil it will be converting DOR from the ground into positive Orgone and emanating this energy out around it. But with its tube facing up it draws DOR from the atmosphere, rather than from the ground. And this was a point I did not consider until it was too late.

I was tired when I went to bed and instead of finding a way to have the tube facing down, I rested the pyramid on its side and had the tube facing my body.

By inverting the pyramid I was turning it into a cloudbuster and the tube would have been drawing DOR down into it throughout the night. Directly through my body. Specifically my upper back and head.

Yeah. Dumb.


The next morning I felt fine but after an hour the pain kicked in. I have a missing tooth with the nerve exposed and this can get infected sometimes, which will inevitably cause me some pain. I am generally able to keep the infection at bay with a home-made tooth paste containing crushed cloves. And when even this isn't working the pain will build up slowly over the course of a week until I can take it no more and I must chew cloves for three days to eliminate the infection completely.

On this occasion however I went from zero pain (which had been consistent for around a month thanks to my latest batch of medical grade toothpaste) to total agony in the space of an hour. It was intense. I drank my broad leaf thyme (Indian borage) tea and waited for the pain killing effect to kick in. No more than 30mins normally. But on this occasion no matter how much tea I drank the pain simply would not stop. It extended through my head and upper back. Had to lie down and just breathe. Till I couldn't take it any more and necked a couple of paracetamol. First time in years.

The pain stopped and I slept.


The next day was better but not by much.

Since then each day has been a little better than the previous but I still feel more tired than usual and the pain seems to come and go in waves. No matter what I do.

So yeah, doing my best to look after three pieces of land with intermittent migraines during the hottest part of the summer while maintaining my business with the local restaurant who today took cucumber, courgette, tomatoes, basil, chives, parsley & rocket. Oh and a loaf of my home made hazelnut bread.

Let's just say it's a test.

But it has not stopped me expanding my operations as planned.

Here you can see the new garden with the temporary bed at the back (complete with antenna, basalt in the soil and three magnetised cables) and all that green space behind it which will ultimately become the spiral garden.


The grass circle experiment

Since the incident I have been careful not to touch the copper tube when handling the pyramid (or point it at myself!) and it is now sitting in the centre of this circle ready to show me how effective it is the right way up.


I sprinkled grass seed all around it.


After raking the seeds in, I covered them with cut grass and gave it a good water.


Let's see in a few weeks if the grass growing next to the pyramid is bigger than the grass on the perimeter of the circle.


This post was not easy to write (took me three days!) but am pleased it is done. Honesty is important in this game.

I did something stupid but learned a valuable lesson.

And now I have shared it with you.

Love & Light everyone 🌱


Green = stop
Orange = get ready
Red = go!

(the opposite to a traffic light)


Oh! How horrible that experience must have been! Good thing you realized what had happened fast. Wow! I could never dabble into this kind of energy gadget. I am too clumsy and forgetful to remember all the cautions.

I once had a negative vibe from a tiny pyramid in my friend’s house. I had headache and almost threw up in three minutes. She had to remove that tiny red pyramid and put it in a drawer.

Hopefully you’ll be as healthy and strong as usual soon.
Things are progressing quite well in your front. Life is never dull there! 🙀😂

It was intense. But today was the first day in a while I can say there was no pain at all. So this is great :) Life with constant pain is very draining.

Really cool you are able to feel the pyramids. Even if it is a bad feeling. Your skill is highly sought after by people in this field as there are not many ways to measure the effects. Other than with people who are 'sensitive'. I can feel them a little them but only when I sleep with them under my bed! I imagine in time I will get better at this.

Yes, life is never dull around here for sure! So many posts I could have written but didn't have the energy. Looking forward now to taking a few days off with my family in Costa Brava, Spain.

Sending hugs :)

So glad that you started to feel much better. I wouldn’t be able to take that much pain, I would probably by lying in bed all day without having any appetite!
Walking would be too difficult for me too!

You could work and get all the work done with pain! Crazy!
You have special stamina and hidden strength for coping with unpleasant pain.

I think that feeling about crystal energy is not a skill as I didn’t take any lesson on this. I just noticed that stones and crystals do have some strange effects on me in various ways. I think this extra sensory ability was a result of my past phase of meditation. Things started to happen in my brain as if dormant parts of the brain have become active. It’s like having an extra sonar for intercepting other signals!

Stones have memories so I think some stones had bad experiences with humans so they disseminated those negative vibes. I found out I could heal ‘sad’ or ‘broken’ crystals. I used to rescue left over broken quartz crystals in a shop and take them home to revive their spirits. Some I have used as guardians on my land. I just have to communicate with them. Nowadays I used stones and crystals for mental health and protecting my energy.

I would love to meet a healer who could teach me more deeply about stones and crystals. One friend used crystals for doing Feng Shui. Another healer used them in Reki healing. But both couldn’t communicate with stones and crystals as I could. So, I am on my own in this journey.

You could use crystals for self healing and maintaining good health too.


Live and learn... Glad you are getting better.

Live and learn yes. This was just a bit of a painful mistake. Will be more careful next time for sure. And I am pleased it didn't affect any members of my family. My body can take it, but I cannot speak for children who don't eat enough garden grown food.

Very tough lesson, however extremely valuable. I never thought an orgonite can exert such negative effects on the body but then again, if it helps plants to grow, obviously it can work like a boomerang or a double-edged sword if one doesn't pay close attention. Thank you for sharing Sam, and more importantly, I'm glad you're feeling better now.

The important lesson here is that when an orgonite has a copper tube in it, the tube will draw DOR towards it so one needs to be conscious of placement at all times. And obviously avoid having it pointed towards our bodies. I think also that this orgonite is a particularly powerful one. Apart from the outer layer of resin it is 100% natural. Unlike pretty much all other orgonites which use resin throughout.

We are going to drive to Costa Brava and I will put my feet up for a few days. This will help recharge the battery :)

Enjoy Costa Brava, it's beautiful! Recharge your cells with positive energy. Have a fantastic vacation.

Any updates on your condition since posting this? How are you feeling now?

Thank you for asking. I do have an update in fact and was going to write a post in the next few days to describe it, but in brief we went to the Costa Brava for a holiday and I started to feel intense pain again. Disconnected from the way I normally eat and the various healing devices in our home it did not go well for me. Too much sun and not enough water likely didn't help much either. But we are home now and I am feeling 100% instantly. No pain and sleeping like a baby. The garden is looking so great too :)


Glad to hear that you’re back to normal while in your land again. I saw your update post today. Hopefully, you’ll find a way to keep your energy high and your pain at bay in the future even while traveling.

Looking forward to the updates.