A new generation of orgonite is born: the bees wax/bentonite clay earth pipe

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The device you can see here is an orgonite earth pipe which in itself is nothing new, but I believe I am the first to replace epoxy resin (as the required organic medium in which metal particles are suspended) with a combination of bees wax and bentonite clay. Following on from my investigations with iron powder I put a copper bound quartz crystal in the centre (at the top of the tube) and mixed the wax & clay with iron before sealing the whole thing in a thin layer of epoxy resin for protection and added functionality which I will describe later. All ratios for the wax/clay/iron mix were found using my dowsing skills.


After having tested numerous orgonite pyramids sitting on the same glass in the freezer, I tested my latest creation and it produced an incredibly energetic pattern right from the outset.


So powerful that it ultimately broke the glass!


But what does it mean?

Let's find out.


The cloudbuster

First up, let's look at the end goal here. All of these investigations are leading towards the construction of a cloudbuster, which is a much larger device with a ten litre bucket of orgonite holding six 2M copper tubes with quartz crystals in them.


The purpose of this device is to balance to the environment, giving us rain or clouds when they are needed, cleaning the sky of any unnatural compounds left there by the geo-engineering agenda.

I live in South France and most days the sky is full of unnatural lines left behind by UN planes, just like it is for the rest of Europe.


The result of their efforts has been hotter summers and less rain, perfectly in line with the global warming story. All of this to stop us from seeing the truth that we are in fact entering a Grand Solar Minimum which will experience a decline in temperatures with shorter, less predictable growing seasons hampered by extremes. Historically human populations decline in these periods (around every 400 years) and this time you can be sure we are not ready. Indeed, most people are busy preparing for a hotter future, but this fake reality cannot be sustained indefinitely.

I learned about the GSM four years ago and immediately set about growing food, which is of course the most logical thing a person can do in this situation. We have progressed quickly since then and I am consistently eating around 50% home grown food now. But the crazy weather has led to restrictions and it remains to be illegal to water our plants using the canal water which flows all year from the mountains. This has obviously not stopped me watering (which is a fundamental human right), but there are many people here who live in fear of punishment and no longer grow food as a consequence. And in many ways it is these people who I will help the most if I can find the solution to a consistently harmonious micro-climate.

Electroculture provides the opportunity to grow the kind of plants which are strong enough to survive the weather extremes and the cloudbuster provides the opportunity to create the kind of atmosphere which is beneficial to plants, giving them rain when they need it and blue skies when the chemtrails are blocking it out.

But how to build it?

It is easy to find cloudbuster designs online, all of them recommending epoxy resin as the organic substance at the base and many of them recommending aluminium as the core metal.

Even The Guardian presented us with this article in 2011 which accurately describes both the effects and basic construction process. For this reason alone I am highly suspicious of doing it the recommended way and have enjoyed my recent journey towards natural alternatives.

Bees wax

Yannick Van Doorne, after his numerous tests in search of a suitable medium for holding a bunch of magnets in place, found that melted bees wax not only did the job but also enhanced the effect of the magnets. He describes bees wax as a natural cosmic antenna, designed in sync with energetic requirements. Bees are arguably the most important insect, the great pollinators, gifted with the ability to construct this most precious meltable medium in which I want to suspend my iron particles.


There are people out there already building bees wax devices but the heat of summer will damage them if left outside, so they are recommended for indoor use only. Or, as you can see here, some people are burying the base in the soil.


My cloudbuster will not be having its base buried (have seen numerous people experiencing negative effects on the forums doing this) so an alternative solution is needed. An ingredient which would add some solidity to the mixture and perhaps even provide some extra functionality...

Bentonite clay

I don't believe in chance any more so when my new friend in the village (who is helping me finance this and other electroculture related projects) told me she had two pound of bentonite clay I knew what I had to do.


When ingested with water it removes toxins & heavy metals from the body. But why is this relevant? Well, if we look at the sky above us as a living being which is being made sick from toxic fumes, it becomes clear. The copper tubes of a cloudbuster interact with the organic mix in which they are set and with the addition of bentonite clay I will be harnessing the associated benefits and projecting them upward in the form of an energy.

(Midjourney prompt to create this image: "the sky as a living being, connected energetically with the ground below")

Bentonite also treats both constipation and diarrhea. So again, if we look at the sky as a living being what does this say to us? To me, constipation would be feeling like I want to make it rain (release my load) but I am being prevented from doing do. And it hurts! Diarrhea on the other hand would be like too much rain. Either way, bentonite helps find the balance.

Screenshot 2023-07-11 at 17.36.52.png
(same prompt, different variation)

It is also an effective suncream, so what does this say to us? To me it says that it will work to protect the skin of any plants & beings in the area. How will it do this? Perhaps by creating natural cloud cover on the days when UV levels are high.

There is of course only one way to find out if my ideas are on the right track.

Construction process

I will document for you now as best I can the construction process behind my orgonite pyramid prototype, to log it on this blockchain and make it available to others in the future.

The pyramid was made in layers, melting the wax from unused candles...


...in this hot bath.


Before adding the prepared mix of bentonite clay and iron powder.


All weights had been accurately prepared beforehand.


Then I poured the hot mix into my silicone mold and set the quartz crystal in the centre, in this case with the terminated end facing down.


For your reference I used 40% clay with 60% wax. This was then mixed 50/50 with the iron particles.


Once at the required depth I added the copper tube over the top of the crystal.


And continued filling up to the top.

IMG_6842 2.jpeg

Wax evidently shrinks a fair bit during the fast drying process so the layers were very visible when I removed it from the mold.


Am not particularly interested in cosmetics for this prototype so I went ahead and set up the ice test to which I have become accustomed.


After a few hours in the freezer I could already see the jets of energy protruding outward from the bottom of the pipe.


The glass is a bit misty here but you can still see them at the bottom.


A few hours later we had this awesome effect.


Just as energetic as the iron/resin pyramid, if not more.

Viewed clearly from the bottom.


Two hours later the glass cracked!


So I called it a day and removed the ice to have a closer look.


Unlike my previous experiments many of the bubbles have evidently hit the glass and created extra pressure in there.


Quite stunning I think you will agree.


Next I gave it the sun test.


This one is very important because I need to know if the pipes will stay solid in high temperatures.

A couple of hours like this during a 32°C afternoon and I could tell straight away it was not going to work.


The whole thing became soft and I was able to turn the copper tube with ease.


The logical solution was a thin layer of resin around the outside. This was relatively easy to achieve after scraping a layer of wax off the bottom, to permit room for the resin to set around it in the mold.


There is a small blemish as you can see on the left where the resin overlapped the mold.


Was able to fix this with a sharp blade and some sandpaper. And a smoothie.


Later that day I inserted the earth pipe into this raised bed (which already has a lot of electroculture devices on the go) and waited for the sun.


It looked great sitting there ready for its first day at work (aligned with the cardinal points obviously).


We have this old copper thermometer which I put in the raised bed when it was sunny and watched as it went from 30°C (room temperature) straight up to 60°C.


When the thermometer hit 65°C I felt as if I should put it back inside, so I cannot tell you what temperature it was there. But it was hot!


All plants in this area suffer in the afternoons as a consequence, no matter how much I water them in the cool of the mornings.


Watching my pyramid for two hours in the scorching sun I realised that the wax would be trying to expand within the resin, creating a bunch of extra pressure on the quartz crystal in the middle. This of course is a good thing because it increases the piezoelectric effect. And even after these extremely hot two hours I was unable to move the copper tube due to the resin around it. Which is all great news! Because now I know how I am going to build the cloudbuster.


The only change I will make is to add iron powder to the outer layer of resin. No point in wasting this space with pure resin alone when it could become part of the machine, rather than just the cover for it.

Final thoughts

I have noted over these last months that the closer I get to building the cloudbuster, the more I discover about alternative ways to get this job done.

There are four main themes which have come up:

  • The Water Song - a Mauri song which creates a resonance favourable to water & rain, preferably sung as a group with clear intentions once to each of the cardinal points. The song is short so this doesn't take long. But the words are a bit tricky to remember. We have done it three times now and had success every time, to relative degrees. Even as I write these words it is raining outside, I would say because we sang the song yesterday.

  • Boiling vinegar - an ancient technique to clear the skies and make them blue. It is as it sounds. Make a load of vinegar and boil it. Haven't tried this yet but I have a tree in mind for plum vinegar. They will be harvested when the sky is clear blue and the vinegar will be boiled when the sky is full of unnatural man-made chem/smog.


  • Plant essence - observing nature we can see which flowers prefer the sun and which prefer the shade. Which ones even look like the sun? Use your (in-built) intuition to select the flowers which resonate with the sun, collecting their petals while the sky is blue. Make an essence with them and let a few drops of it dissolve with the heat of the day and your intentions. You can also add the essence to your boiling vinegar. I've not tried this yet but certainly intend to.

  • Yannick VD turntable/cone device - I saw yesterday that Yannick is currently making rain during a drought with a device modelled on the work of Constable. A revolving turntable with three 51° angle cones. When the turntable revolves clockwise it makes rain. Anti-clockwise will clear the clouds and make sunshine. You can be sure I will be trying this asap!

Upon discovering the above methods I started to feel as if I was being guided to abandon work on the cloudbuster and focus on these more natural methods. So I used my dowsing rods yesterday to ask 'Management' and the response was clear. They would like me to continue with the cloudbuster AND the alternative methods.

I think it is important that I get as much knowledge as possible around this subject to be the most effective cloudbuster operator I can be. Reich talked a little about this in his work and Constable too. True wisdom is acquired though multiple practices and a healthy lifestyle, so only when this is combined with honourable intentions can our cloudbusting device do its work without potentially harming the operator.

Important to remember too that a cloudbuster will also benefit all the plants around it while requiring no further maintenance, unlike the alternative methods which must be done regularly.

Perhaps I will write a more detailed post on the alternative methods. Certainly it feels as if they are much more accessible to the average person than a cloudbuster which comes with a hefty price tag and plenty of potential dangers. While singing songs and making flower essences is both free and harmless!

Let's see where this journey takes me next.

Never a dull moment it seems.

Love & Light everyone 🌱

(Midjourney image prompt: "the essence of colourful flowers interacting with the sky and clouds")


blimey ! love this train of thought.
one of my earth magnets was too close to the surface and the wax melted away, will have to bury it deeper in future.
a few thoughts:
as for the cracked glass. are you sure it was not the expanding ice that caused it ? my guess would be the pyramid was too heavy for the ice to push it up..?

I understand cloudbusters do have some maintenance in keeping the pipes clean for optimal functioning.

cloudy days do not block radiation, one would still get burned. actually, it tends to make things worse in that sense. the radiation that reaches the surface then gets trapped below them, bouncing up and down between the earth and the clouds.
they do block some of the heat though creating a false sensation where one thinks he is safe..

and finally, have you ever tried the freezing with a coil over the glass ? or around it..?

Hey there!

So all I can say about the cracked glass is that I repeated the experiment in the same way each time with a gap at the top of the glass to avoid the situation you describe. In other words, at no point did the top of the frozen water touch the base of any pyramid. Yet the last one acted different. The pipe it would seem was the factor which did it. But hard to say why exactly.

A friend in a telegram group repeated the experiment with an orgonite puck underneath the glass and he found that the control did nothing while the puck cracked the glass. So it would seem that it is more to do with the energy of the expansion as it freezes.

Good point for the pipe cleaning on a cloudbuster! Hadn't really considered that one and feel now as if the pipes must be detachable from the base if they are to be cleaned effectively. This was not in my plan, so it is good I am thinking about this now. Thanks :)

cloudy days do not block radiation, one would still get burned

Okay! Understood. And wow. Hard to know which cloudy days are safer than others? Without the use of machines. I wonder how we knew in the old days?

have you ever tried the freezing with a coil over the glass ?

I haven't! But I like the sound of it...

from what I have seen, short pipes are buried in the resin, then there is a "coupling" that fits into the longer pipes. this way they are removed for cleaning.

as for the radiation, I observe it here by observing the trees. between mid May and the end of August, radiation levels are very high. some days more than others. the smallest sun cycle of about 11 years also effect this.

wishing you a peaceful weekend.

from what I have seen, short pipes are buried in the resin, then there is a "coupling" that fits into the longer pipes. this way they are removed for cleaning.

Yes, I remember this design. Just couldn't see the logic of why till now!

the smallest sun cycle of about 11 years also effect this.

Indeed. And right now we are at the maximum end of the cycle, so this is the hottest part of the 11 years. While in five or six years from now things will get colder. Potentially much colder as we are getting deeper and deeper into the grand solar minimum which will ultimately take us back into something like an ice age.

Ah yes! It's a weekend. Hard to tell the difference between one day and another around here! You have a great one too :)

Summers here are noticably cooler already. without a doubt.
stocking up on fire wood ; )

im very interested in this orgone things but i thinks it is too complicated to make.
i tried to look at the interenet, but there are so many, how do i know if its fake or real?


Like anything it's only complicated the first few times. Once you know what you're doing it's easy.

how do i know if its fake or real?

Most of them will work to a degree because the pyramid shape alone will have a positive effect on its surroundings.

My main tips would be to avoid aluminium in the resin and make sure there is a quartz crystal at the centre. Also probably a good idea to avoid pyramids which have empty space in them (just resin). Ideally the pyramid should have no empty space at all, with iron powder covering the quartz completely. Ask to see photos of their creation process to verify it really does have a quartz at the centre.

Good luck!

Sam, I am fascinated by your experiments. Having read Lakhovsky's The Secret Life, from page 127-130 he seems to suggest that open ended copper coils ABSORB excess harmful cosmic radiation. He also says that he got his best results treating cancer patients when the amplitude of the discordant frequencies was highest. Both these comments makes me wonder if there is a simple way to counter 5G, and its weaponised variations based on these, or other insights. If you think there is a way then how would you go about measuring it? Many thanks. Branton

Hello Branton.

First up, welcome to the hive blockchain! Always great to see new people joining here.

Especially when they have the same interests as me ;)

Am curious to understand how it is that you joined three days ago but appear to have been following my work for some time already?

So I had a look at pages 127-130 and tried to find the passage you were referring to, but it didn't jump out at me. It is possible my page numbers are different to yours and I wonder if you could copy/paste it here so I can read what you are talking about? I have a picture of a big geranium on page 127.

Yes, I believe it is possible that his work may give us some clues about protection from such things. Though you are not the first to ask me if there is a way to measure effect and I am sorry to say I don't think so. Phil Calahan created a device to measure paramagnetism in the soil, which is certainly a useful thing to know, but not what you are looking for. I have been measuring the effectiveness of Lakovsky devices with plants (because plants are not much different to humans in the way they react to EMFs & physical stimuli like oscillating coils). Two pots with seeds planted at same time. One pot with a device and one pot without. In this way it is clear the device works. But to get an exact detail of how much energy is being produced by the device is another story. They call them subtle energies for a reason! Hard to measure.

Ah yes, I should point out that as a newcomer here you will be limited to what you can do each day. (This serves as spammer protection). So if you find that you are unable to respond to my comments just wait a day or so and your power will charge back up, at which point you will be able to respond. Once you have earned some HIVE the native token (with little tips like the one I just gave you) and powered it up to your 'hive power', you won't be limited any more.

This platform is far from simple but you will find the people here to be much more advanced than the average facebook user.

Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!



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