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I install the Electroculture experiment in the Spiral Garden using 100-feet of copper wire. Now we wait and see what happens!

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I have returned to believing I spun it the wrong way, but will probably leave it as is until next year when we have results from the control studies.

Yannick left a comment under my last film so I took the opportunity to ask him about coil direction.

Screenshot 2023-04-29 at 05.36.41.png

I suppose the way of the world is clockwise, so energy follows this direction.

Based on his answer my suggestion is to add one of these to the top of your wooden post.


Or even a collection of them!


There is no 'right' way.


I assume that in this direction (with anti-clockwise movement from bottom to top) the energy is moving downwards.

Hope this helps!

Super helpful, thank you!

Wonderful to see this kind of content from you! I thoroughly enjoyed listening and learning. Your knowledge is amazing!

The spiral garden you have created is simply fantastic and no matter which way you coil the copper, I feel sure it will still have a positive effect. Like you I am running tests to see if there really is a difference and for now I cannot see one.

For what it's worth, Yannick Van Doorne (who is in my opinion the leading expert in electroculture) sells spiral molds which take the copper anti-clockwise from bottom to top.

Screenshot 2023-04-24 at 08.31.34.png

Do you check for leylines (or Hartmann and Curry Lines) when you conduct your tests? It seems they do make a difference to the way seeds sprout so for an accurate comparison plant pots should not be placed on them.

Very excited to see more films from you brother.

Feel blessed to have you with us here in the electroculture community.

I've been thinking of getting some of those molds. They're what made me think I'm going the wrong direction.

I'm also thinking about switching to a Loop YAGI instead due to this video:

Don't know how to test the local ley lines. Is there a guide to that somewhere you know of?

They're what made me think I'm going the wrong direction.

Let me ask Yannick about this. He has been in this game for 30 years and will no doubt have some explanation. Have been meaning to ask him this for ages in fact! Will get back to you with his answer.

To know with certainty where your local leylines are you will need to find them yourself using dowsing rods. There are websites but they seem to only cover the major lines and don't look at the Hartmann & Curry lines which are usually found every few meters, creating a grid all over the Earth.

In this post I show you how to make dowsing rods and what I found when I first created mine. Since then I have seen time after time how certain plants don't like to grow on the lines. Particularly where the lines cross. And this includes plants in pots which are being observed for experimental purposes.

For the man in the above video I am blown away by his brain! He obviously has a very hands-on technical background with a lot going on his life. I spent some time watching his films last night and feel as if I have something to say now. His knowledge seems great but he is blocked by general statements like "copper coils are woowoo". What would he say about your spiral garden I wonder? Or my wooden pyramid? All just woowoo? As a technical man with a background in ham radios it is only natural he should build his belief system around items he is familiar with. But I don't agree that yagi antennas are necessarily the holy grail of electroculture as he states. Also, it is strange don't you think that he provides no evidence for his claims, other than the seed/magnet trick he likes to do. Personally I feel drawn to document the evidence for my claims in as clear a way as possible so there can be no doubt when presenting it to the public. And it looks a lot like you are the same. While he prefers to make confident statements without backing them up with evidence.

But don't get me wrong, I have downloaded one of his books and added it to my reading list. And I have subscribed to his YouTube! I like him a lot, but I think there is more to electroculture than he believes.

He's pretty woo-woo, just doesn't like to be called that.

I asked him via email if the spiral will work, and he said yes, it just uses too much metal. He also said direction of spiral doesn't matter, but it should open upwards.

It's a woo-woo world out there!

Spirals move energy. Always in the same direction. As demonstrated by tornados. So if our goal is to boost soil the spiral wants to be open to the ground. But if we want to boost the branches of a tree the spiral should open upwards. Yannick has experiments to prove this.

You don't actually need metal at all. I've not run a conclusive test yet but I firmly believe snail shells alone will have a positive effect on the soil. Have also noticed how snails like to die on ley lines. So when I find one, I almost always find a load of them. And into the bag they go ;)

I agree with you on this Sam @samstonehill , that ultimately it is our own sentience - beit through dowsing rods or our own conscious perception - that will tell us where energy is flowing, and where the optimum subtle power points are.

I tend to come from an embodied-sentience perspective, often derided by the isolated-logic-conscious, where it is clear where the microclimates and 'hot-spots' are, but I do not document, add lines or use tools to mark them, nor do I use calibrations or measurments to 'confirm', as I believe more in the wholistic relationship with the individual plants and soil and the collective entity of the zone or garden/ green area.

It is really good to have the full spectrum of our collective wisdom here in this community, and I'm so glad you're also sharing here, dear @cahlen : together we are an immense wealth of Knowing and Being! All power to our unfolding and blossoming!


Yes yes yes! Love this feeling like we are a team now :)

Super good point about using our own conscious perception in place of dowsing rods. Indeed, the 'old folk' didn't need tools to do this work. Copper rods came later and only confirmed that which was already understood.

With that said, I see it as my mission now to provide unbiassed and accurate evidence for the various claims I have been making over the last six months and in order to do this I must take all factors into consideration. So if I have two pots doing a side-by-side test I need to be able to confirm that one pot doesn't have an advantage over the other. And this is where dowsing rods are useful. Not so much for us, but for those who come later, wanting to know this aspect of the experiment was accounted for. It won't be enough just to tell them it was a fair comparison because we felt it to be so. The lines are there and they can be measured. So for the purposes of clarity, I record them and avoid them for experiments.

Lovely wild salad there! Do you eat the borage leaves?

Found a whole field of plantain yesterday and never having eaten them before I am keen to get them into my salads.


Yes, @samstonehill ! And so many folks nowadays REALLY need the physical evidence, so it's key to helping the collective integrate the wisdom that they will need in the future - beautiful work you are all doing!
Assolutamente I eat borage - but not in salads raw, as the wee hairs on the leaves are not conducive to eating. In a favourite dish, I steam them lightly, then add olive oil and black olives - or a touch of balsamic vinegar - this makes a perfect side dish: borage is one of my favourite greens - it has literally divine taste and texture - velvety and mealy, wholesome and even meaty.It has so much vitality in the taste: my friends from the city are always astounded.
As a kind of pesto to mix in with pasta/ rice/ tatties, more-well-cooked borage is also very good: it steams quickly, and can disintegrate if over-steamed: but at just the right consistency, it stirs into pasta etc nicely.
Plantain is abundant in my garden to; I have to sickle it back! I use young leaves in salads yes, but have not explored much with it. Look forward to hearing how you get on!
I haven't bought leafy greens for years: all are foraged, and I've never looked back! The idea of a leaf travelling a long way to get to me, or having and chemo treatment, is literally crazy. :-D
Buon apetito!

Thanks so much for the borage tips! Will try this out immediately :)

Oh, and yes, most folks who use terms like 'woowoo' are speaking from a less-embodied perspective - and are simply limiting greatly their capacity to fully comprehend the world and our harmonious place in it!


I want to see the results of this!

I hope it works!

Yeah man, me too for sure! I’m gonna be lame and wait to do it once I’ve seen your results, but if it goes well I’ll definitely be doing this as well

lovely to finally see the stone rolling, infesting more and more people with Elektrokultur :3

Aether is all around us.

It seems to be going viral very quickly!

very good.

We need more natural and positive mem-(thinking)-viruses.

Labert viel, aber es gibt keine Belege!