Tik-Tok is a perfect and precise marketing tool

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Tik-Tok as invest into efficient marketing?

Admittedly, the huge amounts of new data and the artificial intelligence working with it make an enormous impression. But how do you make money with it, and what about security?

The Tik-Tok developed by the Chinese company Byte-Dance is a global success story. The app for short videos, no longer than 15 seconds, is extremely popular with Generation Z. Artificial intelligence works in two ways: on the viewer side, it learns preferences by evaluating given likes, comments and even viewing behavior. So how long you watch videos, and how often. On the author side, the app suggests trendy background music and filter effects for which it analyses video categories, keywords and views in real time. So even amateurs can shoot popular videos. These automatisms make Tik-Tok a perfect and precise marketing tool. The average user spends 52 minutes a day with the app and watches 200 videos, including commercials. Tik-Tok has 500 million active users and is ahead of Linkedin, Twitter and Snapchat.

The term "machine learning" actually dates back to the 1950s. But it's only recently that it's been used regularly in relation to AI. Because nowadays we finally have enough computer capacity to process the data that is now sufficiently available. But everything is still at an early stage. I am not even sure if the Internet is mature enough today.

Big Data is the basis for all AI applications. It's difficult to predict which of the two will be more lucrative, because it's also difficult to mark out the border. But I have no doubt that today's business models and regulatory environment are excellent conditions for Big Data to increase productivity and competitiveness.

How do you make money with AI anyway?

There are several ways. The example of Tik-Tok, mentioned at the beginning, with its precise marketing, is the direct way. A higher click-through rate per ad banner displayed, the click-through rate, immediately translates into higher advertising revenues. In addition, more and more other companies are trying to adopt the model in order to get to know their customers better and thus sell more products and services. This applies to the retail trade, especially on the Internet, as well as banks and insurers.

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