Will the Hive community help me to feed the stray cats on the street? A Cat Rescue Project

in Hive Pets6 months ago

_I am a cat lover, I am feeding them every day especially the cat mother with young children that are still dependent on them, I cannot ignore the cats when I see them because their children are still waiting for their mothers breastmilk.

_Arduino will be put into use on this project to become an automatic feeder when someone sends some Hive/HBD/Crypto to the account @give-cat-food which will also be live-streamed on social media 24 hours 7 days a week.

_If you are family with @cryptoanimals the project I started last 2019 is the same concept but now we are doing it for helping to rescue stray cats.

_This is the front of the house which is a vacant garden that is only covered with sand and dust that nobody cares about. I am thinking of using this place to feed the stray cats on the streets after some cleaning and beautification.

_Good thing that it is on the front of an electric public light because cats are night owls who are active at the night.

_We know that cat food is not free, it comes with a cost. It is not sufficient if I will pay for it to feed every stray cats I see so thus the help from the Hive community comes with it

_Currently, this project is under development but I am posting this beforehand to know the sentiment of the community regarding this Cat rescue project.


Do you think you want to see something like this on Hive? Please let me know in the comment below to give me an insight into this project.

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I love this! I would love to contribute to your project as I can.
I wasn't aware of your puppy project before.

Thank you. This simple comment inspires me to help more cats on the street.

As of the moment I am still in the process of building the structure for the Arduino feeder. Great to have you dear


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Por su puesto que me parece una extraordinaria idea este proyecto para rescatar gatitos de la calle y sería un placer para mí leer tus avances en cuanto al mismo en esta grandiosa comunidad, saludos😊

Of course I think this project to rescue kittens from the street is an extraordinary idea and it would be a pleasure for me to read your progress in this great community, greetings.😊

Yeah, I will be happy to report what I will encounter in making this project. Having our discord community is also cool to hear some suggestions. I will make one and post it in the future post. Great to have you

Es un gusto 😉

Caring is Good. Cats are hunters tho depends on what .if is around you. I live in city. We have a spayed black cat who has lived a long time. Hanging out here with our cat. Somebody feeds
Him. He not skinny. Don't stop taking care of them for surely they need you

Thank you, I will take your advice. The livestream will start after we have completed the device and the code with the help of my brother @eastmael. Appreciate ypur visit to my post

Still do what you do for the cats. being humane to them good

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