The Cat Rescue Project is Open for your Suggestion ๐Ÿ”Š

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Greeting everyone! Yesterday, we have started our test live stream just to see how is everything is doing regarding this project, we have realized that many things are still ahead of us on how to make this work and fulfilling experience for everyone.

We are open to all your suggestion if you have something in mind that you want to voice out we can talk about it on Discord.

A few suggestions that we have received so far that we are planning to work on came from Raymond (@cryptokungfu) regarding our OBS feed that if anyone sent a Hive to @give-cat-food a sound of appreciation will pop up to give the viewers a good experience which is pretty nice to have in my opinion. He also mentioned making an automated post about who has sent Hive to feed the cats for today. Raymond told me that the feedback will encourage more that users will like it which is what I am considering.

Frankly speaking, I am still in the process of learning, the result we are seeing today is only the result of trial and error and mistakes that I have gone through.

We are here to build a community of cat-loving people, my future plans are;

  • Make a Web 3 community
  • Create our community-owned Cat tokens using Hive Engine
  • Airdrop our Cat community token to everyone
  • Make our own website or landing page
  • Grow our Discord channel
  • Add some amenities for the cats from some of your donations
  • Add some Arduino games that users can interact with the cats
  • Doing some marketing videos for Hive and Cat Rescue Project

I am doing some test live stream which you can be part too, you can check it our Twitch on the link below

You are welcome to join us on the Discord group

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You made me smiles with this great project! Good luck! I have a basic question:

Airdrop our Cat community token to everyone

What would be the economy behind this token? What could it be used for? I obviously apologise if you already answered this elsewhere. For my defence, I only learned about this project today... ;)


We are still finalizing the economy behind this token, however, one of the used cases of tokens will be to interact with cats. In the meantime, we can feed the cats but we will try to add interacting toys that the users will love.

Empowering the Web 3 community for the cat lovers that users can buy like Cat NFTs.

Initially, we have started feeding the cats in our place but perhaps as our Cat Web 3 community grows maybe we can see them in different locations, of course, powered by Hive.

Our communication is open on Discord if someone is interested, the source code is open and can be shared made by my brother @eastmael.

Honestly, we are still wrapping our heads for the use-cases but the point is to grow our Cat community and for interactions. Great to have you bro :)

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Thanks for these pieces of information. What looks very good to me is that the token will have a clear usage (buy things). This is one way to bring value, in my opinion: having a purpose and being usable.


PS: I don't need to see any code. I was just curious :)

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Thank you for the kind advice bro :)

Happy to see the project moving forward and that you have so many ideas.

Thank you for testing it out, we appreciate it. I am looking forward that our early adopter can receive a Cat token (no token name yet) just to show our appreciation. Cheers buddy

Sounds good. I hope you have great success

May God help us

If you think that's what you was helping you then go ahead and believe it but I think that you should consider that it's it was in your heart to help that is what was provoking your task to help the the cats I know I saw your video there was nothing in it but I saw it was big and you had toys for the cats and I hope that you have a spayed and neuter program

I hope that you have a spayed and neuter program

Yes, most of our cats are already done it

Beautiful Thank you.



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