Rusty loves birds

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My daughter always puts videos on her TV for Dusty to watch while he is in her room with her, so I decided to give it a try with Rusty. I wasn't sure what videos he would like, so I just searched YouTube for videos for cats to watch and came across an 8hr long video of birds landing on a picnic table and eating treats and then flying off.

At first he didn't seem interested in it at all, but once he saw the birds fly onto the screen and then fly off after a few seconds, he really started to pay attention to them. He didn't start hitting the screen or anything which was nice but instead, he spent the entire time just watching them pretty intently.

There were a few times where a bunch of birds would fly onto the screen and he would look at me and give me a look like "Did you see that?" It was pretty fun to watch him do this and I think I am going to have to do it more often with my other cats as well. Sophie loves to watch the birds from the windows and she starts making noises at them. I haven't ever seen Sophie watch anything on a screen though, and I am not sure how much cats can understand about what they are seeing on screens. It is pretty weird that some cats enjoy watching screens and can differentiate the different things they see. Dusty loves watching videos with little frogs jumping around on them. Cats are pretty cool.

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This cat looks so beautiful. We have a cat whose name we have named Tiger, even if someone plays his favorite video, he will sit and watch it for hours. I like cat the most among animals because they get so attached to you. Our cat is also very happy and entertained while watching the video.

Cats are awesome. Do you have a picture of Tiger you can share?

Yeah sure.


This is my tiger.

Funny. Skipper, our youngest dog also loves to watch tv ... but he's not a quiet watcher. I really think I would prefer the relaxing look Dusty seems to have.

lol. I bet if my husky liked watching tv, he would be super loud.

First pic, WOW! You catched there one that worth for itself. Best regards from Cuba.

Thank you. I like the reflection in his eye.

Cats are interesting, haha. There are a lot of videos of cats watching TV on Youtube and it's fun to watch them. I am sure it is more fun to watch those cats in real life. I want to squeeze their cheeks.

I want to have a smart cat like Rusty. We recently adopted a cat, has color like Rusty and we name him Shiro but he didn't like watching TV :D . I have not gone back home but when I do, I am gonna take plenty pictures of him because so far, I only see him when I call my mom.

Such small joys of life 😀 I like to experience them too

Your little friend looks so cute, you are lucky to have such a beautiful cat.🐈

Thank you. He really is a special one.

Beautiful captures @derangedvisions 😊😎
Very nice portraits.
Some dogs and cats do watch screens and it can be hilarious.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a lovely week. 👋🏻😊

Rusty does look beautiful, you did a fantastic job taking care of him, I haven't seen him in a while, I have a Siamese cat that loves to see the mouse pointer on my computer because she starts chasing it and once almost knocked my monitor over lol

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Oh, how I love to adopt that cat. ☺️
So cute and smart.
Others are afraid of videos on screen but your cat is different. I am impressed. ☺️

Yep, cats are awesome!😺😺