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RE: Use of the Covid-19 RT-PCR test is fraudulent

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Completely and utterly wrong.

F.F.S., PCR is not an anti-body test and it does not cleave DNA. It uses DNA pieces or oligonucleotides of the vector molecule. ALSO, this guy is a Chiropractor! He has no idea how PCR works.

RT is not real-time it's Reverse Transcription usually used for protein expression (transcription) of RNA. There are over 380 PCR assays that target COVID-19 specifically! And SOOOO much information on how to use PCR test for COVID.

Please read:
The inventor of PCR never said it wasn’t designed to detect infectious diseases

Again, completely and utterly wrong misinformation.

Where's the link for the 5K to prove COVID exists, how to submit? Easy 5K, if it's legit. Probably a crock of shite.

  • Dr.Tim was giving a summary of all the various methods of testing, he did not imply that the PCR test was an antibody test.
  • see the screenshot above? where in brackets it says -- (not "real time") yeah Tim did the slide, so he knows. u need to work on your comprehension skills.
  • indeed DNA is "cleaved" - separated into single strands - according to this source:
  • Mullis does say in the first video that the PCR test does not tell you that you're sick with something.
  • Dr. Tim's website: ask him for details. Go claim your easy 5k!