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RE: MONOPOLY - WHO OWNS THE WORLD? Corporate Dictatorship. Exposes How Fatal Swine Flu Vaccine Was Pushed On The World Through Pharma Lies. (Documentary)

in COVID-1911 months ago

I have rarely been so riveted as by this video, which has encapsulated the kernel of fact from which all present free people contend, and all peril emanates. I have spent sleepless nights gathering information all pointing to the facts herein, and aimless days wandering in the forest contemplating their meaning, and potential solutions to our dilemma, and cannot adequately express my gratitude at finding my thoughts here so concisely and cogently stated.



You are welcome! Yes, it's a great collection. I have seen a lot of the information and videos before and wanted to collate them, but he has done a great job here. I think he will release more too.

I really hope he does. This was an amazing collection - as you stated. And while I've seen it all before, this is a great presentation and organization of all the same points that I've seen before.

This video proves that all boycotts are pointless- because the conglomerate owns it all and we can't help but feed one or another of their massive tentacles. Unless we stop playing their game altogether- and create our own new society, where people help people.. instead of people helping corporations.