COVID19: Stress Lowers Immunity: Common Ground Between Vaccinated & Unvaccinated People

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With growing pressure on people to get injected with the experimental COVID19 shots, divisions are being engineered between people that are unhealthy in themselves. Is there a common ground to bring people together?

There are many complicated details regarding the COVID19 shots that really need to be understood before we know if they are beneficial and safe. Despite claims by politicians to the contrary, the COVID19 shots remain experimental and the trials for their safety and efficacy are ongoing.
With fear being whipped up by the same politicians and mainstream media, many people become angry at anyone not 'towing the vaccine line'. Rather than examining the extensive evidence that SARS CoV2 likely emerged as a result of 'research' carried out by the US NIH funded projects run out of Wuhan, China - people often turn their anger on each other - mistakenly thinking that it is their neighbour that is responsible for them not feeling safe, rather than a network of corporations, researchers and their government cronies.

In this video I highlight that stress lowers immune response and so regardless of what we may think/feel about shots and those who disagree with our own views - we ourselves actually participate in causing harm to people when we communicate in ways that cause stress.

Non violent communication, choosing to not judge others and to also take the time to do due dilligence research of our own are all powerful ways to help the human family at this time.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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im probably A-Symptomatic and I am always stressed lol