COVID19: Dr. Ryan Cole: Science DENIED. Vaccine Deaths Are Being Covered Up. Autopsies Are Not Being Performed.

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Dr. Ryan Cole is a an expert in virology and pathology, his job involves performing autopsies. He has consistently stated that science is not being followed with COVID19 and great harm is being done.

I shared a video of Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole several weeks ago as he spoke up about the way that the medical establishment in the US and beyond are doing a terrible job of being honest about COVID19 and treatment options.
In this new video he speaks to his area of expertise, pathology, the discovery of causes of diseases - which includes autopsy data.
He states that almost no autopsies have been performed in the US of those suspected of dying from the COVID19 shots, despite the shots being experimental.

Given that this German pathologist went on record to say that 40% of the bodies he autopsied of vaccinated people had died as a result of the vaccines, it is totally reasonable to conclude that the reason why autopsies are not being performed on injected people is because it would make the experimental shots clearly visible as dangerous, meaning massive political blowback from an injured and angry world, plus potential problems for the manufacturers.

Given that the leaked contract between Pfizer and world nations makes clear that the manufacturers are not only excused from legal liability for damage caused by their products, but that the tax payers will foot the bill for any damage that is done - it seems likely that the cover up starts with the politicians who are staking their reputation on the shots being 'safe and effective'.

Do you see how this is NOT about science or even health? The world is trusting their future not to science but to politicians and their cronies!

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Ura Soul

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This is such a great video. The truth is out there.. unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to find with conventional internet searching.

Yes, the mainstream search engines are corrupt. Decentralised search will be one of the big tools for humanity that blockchain and decentralisation delivers in the near future.

None of this is a secret...eugenics is the goal, and injections are the current tool

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