US Doctor: CDC & NIH COVID Response Is Unscientific. The Vaccines Can Increase Transmission of COVID19.

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In this recent video from a meeting held in the Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation in Indiana, USA - Dr. Dan Stock explains how the US CDC and other agencies have turned science upside down with their COVID policies.

Dr. Daniel Stock is a professional, family Doctor of functional medicine with many years of experience in respitory illness treatment. He states that he has treated 15+ COVID19 patients successfully using Ivermectin in conjunction with other strategies.

His main point here, clearly stated, is that the policies of the US CDC and NIH (plus other government agencies in other countries taking the same stance) are acting unscientifically. They are denying the studies that they themselves have paid to have carried out and setting out policies that do not protect the public.

Furhter, in agreement with the post I made yesterday about 'leaky vaccines', he acknowledges that vaccinated people are indeed spreading COVID19 at a disturbing rate - meanwhile the unvaccinated are taking the blame, without any evidence!

I will keep posting online evidence of this kind until the world realises that it is not enough to just blindly trust or have faith in 'authority' figures - having a title is absolutely no guarantee of being right or trustworthy! Such misplaced trust is known as a logical fallacy - an 'appeal to authority', whereby actual questioning and evidence is replaced with an assumption that an idea is accurate simple because it was said by someone who is trusted!

Our health depends on our ability to think clearly and have a strong will.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Its great to hear people stand up for what is right. Such a shame so many have been deplatfomed the past year, I am sure if that had not been the case, more people will hear more counter arguments to the official narrative.

They just ramped up the vaccine administration in South Korea last month. It was about 4% vaccinated with a single dose, until the school teacher mandates came. The positive case numbers for July are double the worst month during the entire pandemic. This can only prove his point that the vaccinated are carriers and spreaders.

Every single person wears a mask in Korea from age 1 to age 100 and most wear a n94 mask because of the pollution. The whole thing is criminal.

Thanks for sharing. Yet I still get comments from people trying to pick this apart while totally denying the timing connections you are pointing to here.

Very good post, I hope you give as more info soon.

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Good on you for taking a stand for what you believe is right. I agree fully. I had adverse reactions to vaccines growing up. Like in hospital for months bad at 5 years old.

My kids mother even was the one who got the vax exception based on my history, herself for our two boys from the government. Only to take my boys out of state in contempt of court and vaccinated them in spite. She did not want me homeschooling kids and having them full time. So she put them in public school in another state, vaxxed them and waited for my income to abruptly stop to do this.

So I understand that even people who know better still will do this to their own children just for power and control and of course money. I'm pretty Fed Up with it all. I'm glad to see people like you taking a stand for what's right.