Ex Pfizer Science Chief: COVID19 Shots Are Killing Many People & Deaths Are Being Covered Up

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Dr. Mike Yeadon is an Ex head at Pfizer, one of the manufacturers of the COVID19 shots.
Here He States That Deaths From COVID19 Shots are Huge and Being Covered Up, Plus Numerous Other Worrying Observations.

Mike previously served as the chief scientist and vice-president of the allergy and respiratory research division of the drug company Pfizer. Pfizer is one of the pharmaceutical companies responsible for the creation of the experimental COVID19 shots currently being used globally.
He has been a vocal critic of the science and politics surrounding the use of the COVID19 shots and in this latest video he makes clear that he suspects they are being used to achieve nefarious goals and their use is not backed by by proper science.

Summary of his points:

  • He worked over 3 decades in the pharmaceutical industry to create medicines.
  • Usually he supports vaccine technology, but not the COVID19 shots.
  • The COVID19 shots are not based on traditional vaccine technology. They are unique and have never been used on humans before.
  • The shots cause the creation of spike proteins (antigen) in the body, which in turn causes blood clots wherever they express.
  • The shots may cause some people to create many more spike proteins in their bodies than others - meaning some people may be fine but some may come to harm.
  • No proper dose ranging studies were performed for COVID19 shots.
  • The rapid development of the shots means that some steps were not completed in their development. A complete failure of regulatory process.
  • Proper safety studies have been performed - including on the children of pregnant women.
  • The shots have not been approved, the trials are ongoing - meaning that the public are being experimented.
  • Emergency Use Authorisation of experimental shots depends on the absence of alternative treatments. There are numerous successful treatments = "it is the most treatable respiratory virus ever".
  • Shots do not achieve an acceptable risk/benefit profile.
  • Fully informed consent has not been achieved. Ommission of information and coercion through pentalties invalidate medical ethics.
  • Forced injections are coming if you do not object to the situation.
  • The vaccines should never have been rolled out.
  • PCR Testing is flawed. The PCR tests were used to measure whether the shots work, so the data on the shots is inaccurate.
  • Elderly and sick people were not included in the clinical trials, so those in the population being given the shots are the test subjects.
  • Many people died when the vaccines were rolled out and it was covered up.
  • Effects of the shots include deep vein thrombosis, myocarditis, blindness & blood clots.
  • Number of deaths following the shots is 60 times higher than the normal rate for vaccines.

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That is fake news.
Stop, you are undermining Hive credibility with this bullshit

There are many very qualified people stating very similar to Dr. Yeadon. This is a free speech network intended to facilitate the allowance of voices that provide others with opportunity to think for themselves rather than simply regurgitate mainstream media narratives.

"40% of Autopsied Covid19 Deaths Within 2 Weeks of Vaccination Were Caused BY Vaccine" - Top German Pathologist

"COVID19 Shots Are A Crime Against Humanity" - US Expert in Virology & Immunology.

COVID19 Shots May Have Killed 40,000+ Within 72 Hours: Class Action Lawyer For 1st Responders In USA

It is a couple dozen attention seeking people against 99% of the scientists in the world.

You have the right to express your opinion, but odds are that your opinion are wrong in the face of facts.

The unquestionable fact is the number of deaths before and after covid. The raw deaths data. The vaccines unquestionably reduced the number of deaths.

2 months after the vaccination started the deaths declined meaningfully.


Opinion is cheap. Show me the charts.

Your graph contains no source, does not display even the most basic information necessary to assess it and worst of all refers to 'cases' of COVID19 - yet the vaccines do not prevent cases of COVID19 - they only lessen symptoms (at best). Your graph shows an unknown region and makes zero reference to mortality and so is of no relevance in terms of assessing the risk profile of the shots.

Please refer to these three recent posts of mine which contain a variety of relevant graphs and stats.

Deeper Dive: Are Vaccines Causing Dangerous Variants of COVID19 & Increasing Mortality? (Follow Up)

How Accurate Is the Data For Injury From COVID Vaccines In Government Vaccine Injury Trackers?

Science Shows COVID19 Vaccines May Increase Transmission & Drive Variants. Cases Often Increase After Vaccine Drives.

You can see from the various graphs that deaths quite often increase following vaccine drives. The measurement of the cases in your graph, aside from being essentially meaningless in this context is extra meaningless since the 'cases' are being calculated using highly flawed PCR processes.



the source of this information is certain?, my friend, we are talking about one of the pharmaceutical companies with the longest trajectory in the area worldwide.

I'm not sure exactly what you are saying here. Michael Yeadon was previously high up in Pfizer himself, within the science wing there. Pfizer is one of the top 20 most heavily fined corporations for criminally lying to the public about the effectiveness of their drugs, having received multiple billion dollars worth of fines for deception in recent years.


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