Warning & Grief After Sister Dies From COVID19 Shot

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The guilting, shaming and pressuring of people to opt to receive an experimental COVID19 shot has to stop.

As I have repeatedly demonstrated using governmental data from around the world, many people have died as a direct result from the COVID19 shots.
How it is possible for someone to pressure someone else to do something that could kill them, all while claiming to be righteous is very disturbing to me.
In this video a person warns those on social media to stop pressuring to get a COVID19 shot as a sister had just died from such a shot.

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Damn...this is really sad to watch. She died after just taking the first dose, who knows how many more we don't know about

The data suggests the numbers are high, yes. :/

Far too many my friend...

Hoping this message finds you and yours well.

I would expect we will be seeing much more of this knowing the plan. Prepare your hearts for excess morbidity from the shot not the flu.

When the world decides its Americas fault, it will be much worse than WWII in Germany here in the land of the weak and submissive. What happened in Germany was a planned destruction. It is happening again......we have been taught history repeats itself but no one listens.

I have seen a few more of these testimonies recently and hundreds of documented, similar cases a few months ago. Denial is epic unfortunately, so the chances are the people will just continue on as if nothing happened. History repeats because the lessons are not learned, yes.

Yes but at some point it will hit them. The bodys are not all going to melt. I have read that they are cremating all convid deaths in the United States of AIPAC.

This is rough. Not available in main stream media because this must be "fake news" ... Right...

Yeah, this kind of testimony will never hit mainstream.

My condolenses for this gentleman's loss...

This is only just the beginning though...and perhaps it will take much much more loss of lives for people to finally wake up to the fact that the world government, funded by the private powers, do not want us here on this Earth.


Shaming actually does not work well. We can see that with both sides. The more blame is in the game, the more peoples fight each other. Before 2020 I had a debate with an online friend which led to separation, for I stated that shaming someone won't let this human become more relaxed and insightful towards another perspective. One might win the debate but lose out on another level. I find it indeed difficult to build bridges but in the course of time it gets better. A matter of will, I think.

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