Study Says COVID Shots Cause More Heart Damage Than COVID Does + My COVID Posts Get Accepted As Correct Months After I Share Them.

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It was clear to me that the few people here claiming that my COVID posts are 'dangerous' and 'unscientific' have not actually been paying attention. Here are a bunch of memes and stories from Web 2.0 that demonstrate how the info I share is typically 'proven' months later and gains mainstream acceptance.


If we go right back to the start of COVID19, I was saying that the whole thing was going to be a power grab and that the virus most likely emerged from the labs in Wuhan (Jan/Feb 2020). People such as myself were even removed from the web for saying these things - including Professor Francis Collins - author of the US and world legislation on bioweapons, who called this right away after looking at the published Science from Wuhan (later also deleted by China). Yet, months later it was 'realised' (admitted) in the mainstream and by some politicians, that yes, there is a high chance that the virus was engineered in labs in China... In that example, the letter written by a large number of 'independent' experts turned out to have been a deceptive attempt to distract the world and all of the scientists who signed the letter worked at the labs in Wuhan or had close ties!

Right through from those early days, to the exposure of dangerous effects of the experimental vaccines, their general ineffectiveness and the coverup of the data by Pfizer (and probably others) has also gradually gained acceptance because it can't really be hidden! None the less, the 'fact checkers' of the world still get paid to sell what are often obviously false narratives to the masses - and they have their cronies on Hive too. Even the British Medical Journal complained to Facebook that their scientists were being censored when trying to educate people about the real scientific understandings regarding the possibly criminal actions of Pfizer during their COVID shot 'trials' (of course my post on that topic was downvoted to zero on Hive, because.. er.. free speech!?).

Then there's the tracking of humans via inserted technology, another topic I have covered for about 15 years, ever since hearing a US air force whistleblower and computer security expert saying he had witnessed Siemens Group producing billions of tiny crystal devices that can be used at any distance to track people (then dismantling the factory). I have since seen numerous other plausible whistleblowers saying similar things (and worse). I haven't really focused on that aspect in my own posts around COVID because a) I know that the COVID shots are unlikely to be used for this purpose (though it's not impossible) and b) such claims are easily ridiculed by lazy people.


However... well, people were getting ejected from the internet for saying exactly this a few months ago.. and now..


Somehow, people buy in to the prevailing narratives pushed through mass media without actually doing any of their own research and checking of published data. It's one thing to not do any research (most people fit in that camp), but it's quite another to blindly believe what you are told by mass media, governments and corporation... It's an even more dangerous situation when you start denouncing people who are sharing counter narratives without even checking what you are talking about. That is what is happening - including with my constantly being downvoted on Hive.


Currently, we are now seeing more studies being published that confirm not only that the shots are becoming less effective (they were already way less effective than the manufacturers and media has claimed), but that they cause serious heart damage to people MORE than COVID does.



We have also seen dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone, despite their detractors and being censored - gaining public exposure on Joe Rogan's show. Dr. McCullough, in particular is an interesting case as he is the most published/cited expert in the world on heart issues. Given his expertise, maybe it's time to listen to what he says - particularly about myocarditis and the heart issues surrounding COVID.


I also stated months ago that it is normal for variants of respiratory viruses to only become weaker - yet more transmissible, so it was totally expected that an 'Omicron' like variant would emerge that is exactly that. As we are now seeing, mainstream sources are finally admitting that, in fact, Omicron is likely to be weaker than the flu (and though I haven't seen them mention it, it is likely to provide immunity against the harsher variants too.. So, possibly, catching Omicron is the best way to protect yourself! - given the risk profile of the shots, their ineffectiveness and the massive corruption surrounding their creation and rollout.

mail omicron.jpg

But, of course, the insane and criminal psychopaths who are often in control of national governments don't want to hear any inconvenient scientific truths about COVID19 if they get in the way of their power grab ideas..


Afterall, we all know that people who don't like the vaccines are actually racist and women hating lunatics.. right? Unlike the 'leader' of Canada, of course - who is absolutely nothing like that and in no way a carefully engineered stage actor...


Thankfully, the politicians cannot totally escape medical Doctors on their daily tours to drum up support (for their own careers), as we see in this story of an NHS doctor who refuses the vaccination, challenging one of the creepier UK politicians.

Then there's the French nutcase too - openly threatening a sub section of the population for disagreeing with him over their own human rights:


Let's not forget Australia, while we are on the topic of control freaks. Here's the 'premier' of the Northern Territories, a man who would give WW2 era nazis a run for their money when it comes to not giving a shit about what anyone else thinks or what makes sense. Here is telling the 'unvaccinated' that they cannot leave their houses, even for exercise (Which is now deemed 'unnecessary'). This, in the face of a variant that is very likely to be mostly harmless. I do not recall a time in history where people were forced through threats of violence to not leave their homes, even to exercise, for extended periods - especially not because they won't be injected with something!


On top of interviewing Dr. Malone and Dr. McCullough, Joe Rogan also interviewed John Abramson on the corruption of the big pharmaceutical companies. Few people have ever researched this, but if you do it will make your toes curl. The level of fraud and criminality of these groups is through the roof - they are NOT looking out for health, they ARE looking to make as much money as criminally possible. Again, this is something I have been saying for 15 years vocally - having worked in the industry for a while and seen what goes on.


Professor Norman Fenton, a UK science expert is another outspoken critic of the corruption of science that is taking place in the name of profits and COVID19. He has an account on Hive too (@normanfenton). Here he highlights that there is virtually no correlation in the data between vaccine uptake and reduction in deaths from COVID:


In truth, the list of Doctors and other experts singing in chorus that the situation is perilous, but more due to criminality than due to COVID, is vast based only on the signatures to various public statements that have been organised. Here's yet another, Dr. Eli David on Twitter, pointing out the data that the mainstream finds more uncomfortable than children being gagged in school every day:


But don't worry, there haven't ever been any cases of the media being caught lying over their coverage of COVID19 - they definitely haven't been caught using actors to simulate people queuing for shots or queuing for treatment in multiple countries.. They also definitely haven't been caught filming politicians getting shots where there was no needle in the syringe or the syringe didn't even enter their body.. Again, they definitely haven't been caught (multiple times) claiming that you are watching overwhelmed hospitals, yet showing literal mannikins on the screen!


I think I have made the point here that all is not what it seems when it comes to COVID19 information and the detractors of those among us who call out the lies.

On a positive note, though, there are those who are thriving with their shots!


Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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"The Drapetomaniac." Nice. For those who don't know the word, it was a bogus psychological label for slaves who couldn't be content in servitude, and ran away instead of meekly obeying. Obviously, that meant something was wrong with the disobedient runaways. They were mentally ill!

Wow, ok, no I didn't know that - but I'm not surprised that 'science' so diligently obliged by defining the 'dysfunction'! There are probably numerous 'diagnoses' along such lines today too.

It didn't carry much weight even in its day, but there was an effort to discredit runaways through diagnosis.

As a kid I moved and had to change schools every few months and my parents couldn't keep track of my of my shot history, so I had to get the same shots over and over again.

So, because of this I was basically a zombie, with large gaps in my memory and I became diagnosed with a host of learning disabilities and I became allergic to a lot of different things, including the ingredients in the covid vaccine.

So now it's funny, when I tell the doctor that the ingredients in the vaccine will make my throat swell shut, he still tries to get me to take the jab. As if losing oxygen now is much safer than risking the chance that I might get covid later.

I actually had covid and, trust me when I say, it was way better than losing my ability to breath.

Oh, that's really sad to hear, but at least you now understand what happened and can inform others. A lot of my childhood was destroyed by major eczema, which I now know to have been very likely to be caused by vaccines. Since fully detoxing and not having any more vaccines I have zero symptoms. It was known scientifically since the 1950s that some vaccines can do this, but no Doctors ever mentioned it.

In reality, it seems that the majority of medical Doctors either read little/no research on key topics once they graduate or just deny reality. The small percentage of Doctors who do their job diligently and regularly read new studies are in high demand, make huge amounts of money and rarely get public focus.

The bottom line is that our body is designed to stop such materials reaching our bloodstream and it is no surprise that it can go haywire when so many poisons and toxins are pumped in directly together.

Insanely thankful to have you on Hive, and…

the few people here claiming that my COVID posts are 'dangerous' and 'unscientific'

…if the dividing line must be drawn, I want to be where ever these ones aren’t. Of course, I’d prefer there be no dividing line and we all be adults capable of expressing and comprehending differing opinions and thoughts on any given subject, but it’s looking like that kind of rational thinking is rapidly being phased out.

Your work is bold, informed, and thorough and I, for one, am incredibly grateful to have found a place where you can say these things and I can appreciate them.

(of course my post on that topic was downvoted to zero on Hive, because.. er.. free speech!?)

Doing my best to not be confrontational. Just being honest. The actions of a few do not represent Hive as a whole. You're knocking down those of us who are proponents of free speech in its various forms when you word things that way. I suggest if you have a problem, focus on the root of it. No need to cut down the entire tree. If a branch is blocking your view, trim that one. Leave the rest intact. It's a still a beautiful tree. Even if it has flaws and the dogs urinate on it sometimes. It's still nice to have around.

I have reason to believe you're only a proponent of free speech when it's convenient for you. For instance, if I speak to you, you silence me with the mute button. I'm not a fan of double standards but I will not call you names or insult you. This is an issue you need to sort out with yourself, on your own.

As for Canada. As a Canadian, just know, not many people like that guy 'in charge'. Especially out west where I'm from. I personally prefer to avoid modern politics though. So that's all I have to say about that. Much like the actions of a few here do not represent us all. Same story when it comes to governance in Canada. That guy is not every Canadian.

You're knocking down those of us who are proponents of free speech in its various forms when you word things that way.

I simply said I was heavily downvoted, I didn't blame the whole of Hive for that. Obviously for the downvotes to make much of a difference I had to be heavily upvoted first, which I was. However, the problem of heavy downvoting by 1/2 accounts can only be countered by community organisation - which there is not enough of. I am working quite a lot to resolve that but there is a lot of apathy.

I have reason to believe you're only a proponent of free speech when it's convenient for you. For instance, if I speak to you, you silence me with the mute button.

I suggest never believing anything at all since beliefs are guesswork and misleading. I am a proponent of free speech for all - even going further than most free speech advocates. If you listen to the technical theory of free speech then you will find that there is an inherent problem that is not simple to solve. If you work to allow, for example, Nazi groups to have full free speech, then they tend to use it to try to build power that they will ultimately use to suppress free speech.. So free speech has to be considered in light of strategy to sustain it as much as possible. I mention this mostly to show that I pay a lot of attention to the topic - more than most.

Along with free speech, we also have the right to freedom of association - it's a fundamental part of free will. While some people say 'I might not agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it' - I also point out that if there is disagreement on what is being said, we all have the right not to listen. Free speech is not a right to force others to listen. However, I do generally listen to all comments and voices - muting very, very few people. In your case, you continually bordered on trolling at times that I was very busy and needing to focus on important things - so I chose to manage my time effectively by trying to mute you. Your view of me is very limited and often wrong - there is a huge amount to me that is not mentioned on Hive or you would have to read back through older blogs to find out about.

As a Canadian, just know, not many people like that guy 'in charge'. Especially out west where I'm from.

Good, I imagine you are right. The problem is that his actions are dangerous to a level I rarely see and yet I have seen minimal to no push back. Maybe it's because Canada is so large and people are so spread out compared to England - where people don't find it hard to push themselves in tens of thousands right to the door of the prime minister. That being said, there are times when 'leaders' go too far for even protesting to be enough. What should Germans have done who saw and felt Hitler for what he was before he had committed atrocities? I feel that people such as Trudeau fit in that category.


The covid shit show continues!

May God safe us all...

Where is God?

Depends on your believe Buddy

I'm asking because I can not seem to find him her it? So many people talking about god but where is he she it?

Lol... It's well bro

I understand I couldn't find him her it either.

Ok bro

Again, there is no virus, not from Wuhan, not from anywhere. We are getting radiation poisoning from 5g and being sprayed graphene hydroxide which acts like nanorazor blades which is also in the quacksines. It's making my nose bleed as well as blood clot. This German professor in Spain was murdered 4 days after he posted a video on the graphene hydroxide😥 There was never a pandemic of any sort. The NWO poisons you, your body detoxifies, full stop. Just did my first bit of activism in Mexico handing out info flyers. The Mexicans were very receptive🤩 Can't wait to do it again🙏

Those claims are dubious at best. I strongly advise limiting statements to that which can be demonstrated, not just links to theories on the internet. Place them on the defensive. Remember when they said the jab prevented you from catching or transmitting COVID? That was false. Call it out. Remember when it was "two weeks to flatten the curve?" That didn't work. Remember when we were all washing everything? Turns out surface contamination isn't a major vector. Remember when they closed schools? Turns out kids aren't very vulnerable and not shown to be significant transmission vectors AND it showed parents how badly schools teach. You can't prove your statements. You can point out when their prior predictions were proven wrong.

I met a nurse during the beginning of the plandemic. She told me this.

I used to work on the flu ward. It is now the Covid ward.

She then asked me a question.

How many flu cases do you think we had this year?

I shrugged, she didn't answer. She just showed me a 0 with her thumb and finger. I did gasp, but I knew already. I had researched flu numbers two months earlier. She just confirmed the real facts I had discovered.
She also told me that they were calling everything covid now so her ward was full. That was march 2020.

Yes, that definitely happened in some areas. Now we know that the PCR tests for COVID19 are catching flu a lot of the time. This was obvious to a child with an average IQ. lol. Though I'm not sure what this has to do with 5G.

What is the injection for? We both know convid is a nothing burger. So why are they injecting everyoneand everything?
Why did they start calling the flu and common cold convid?
Why did they block all conventional treatment for convid?

My point is the math tells us the agenda, the plan, and with time the result.

Only those who accept what they are told, think otherwise.

When you finish the book The Invisible Rainbow then ask me what this all has to do with 5G.
But I actually believe this is all about ID 2020 The 2010 Rockefeller report.
But mostly Zionism. Religious nuts who believe in fairy tales are behind this all. This is just one plank of a multi faceted battle against the 70 nations.

It is not especially challenging, with modern tech, to take something like influenza and adjust it to create something different enough to be called new and that does legitimately have some 'gain of function'. I have no reason to think that this isn't what has been done. Mixing up the case stats with the cases of 'old' flu just helps amplify the panic.

There are hundreds of possible theories and agendas that can seem to make sense without having absolute proof - some might be true, but many aren't. Therefore, I stay open until the evidence mounts. Every day I get sent evidence and claims that are partially or completely false - which take me only minutes to show. In such a situation there is no choice but to have a high standard for evidence.

It has all been proven. Do your own research. Look up Dr Tom Cowan, Dr Andrew Kaufman, and Dr Stephen Lanka. And this German professor in Spain that was murdered just 4 days after diffusing his video exposing the graphene hydroxide in the vaxes that group together like microblades.
There are hundreds of studies on the 5g proving its toxicity. They all play together but no viruses. Look up Terrain theory of Antoine Béchamp. But as long as you keep chasing the virus unicorn, it will be too late for you.

I've looked into the claims. I can't verify them. I am aware of terrain theory, and it has some merit in that a healthy person is generally less susceptible to disease, and good diet cures many ills, but does not disprove modern medicine. Dismissing viruses strikes me as arrogance rather than intellect. I accept everything conditionally, but your statements and my own research do not persuade me yet.


...wait, is that Hugh Laurie?

Well I have an open mind and I have looked at these ideas already. I am aware of most of the claims and evidence that gets online on these topics. I am about to start reading the book called 'The invisible rainbow' that focuses on EMF harm to the body from environmental sources. I have also worked with an EMF shielding company for a while and have helped out researchers into similar fields for a long time.

I can't say that I have seen conclusive proof of any involvement of 5G with COVID. Most of the claims don't stand up to examination and the evidence seems to be based in assumptions or things that could have other explanations. I remain open though, as I have seen plenty of disturbing things in these fields that I know to be real.

And most of the fields you know to be real...are not lol😅 Pasteur's Germ Theory was pushed by Rockefeller medicine because it was more lucrative than Antoine Béchamp's Terrain Theory🤑🤑🤑 Covid only replaced the flu, which is a seasonal detox of the body. This year it replaces the common cold. The extra effects are the synergies of several extra poisons care of our gov'ts 2019 flu vax with graphene hydroxide that eventually killed my mother, new 5g waves very prominent in hospitals, graphene hydroxide sprayed on our heads (makes my nose bleed), in masks, pcr tests, then put in experimental jabs. Then the stats were hyped up in exchange for money (I have witnesses that have attested to this). And a mistreatment and diagnoses of patients in hospitals who were thrown on ventilators for money. They were murdered as well as the elderly in elderly homes to up already faked stats. This guy was murdered after divulging the graphene hydroxide bit.

I am well aware of the terrain/germ theory differences and also the work of various doctors to show that there are no viruses and that they are actually exosomes, etc.
It's fine to explore possibilities but don't expect others to just agree with your proclamations without providing evidence of a standard that can be checked and is coherent enough to leave little doubt. I remain open to the possibilities, partially because the evidence for all possible theories is not high enough quality or complete enough for me to mentally be able to agree that any one of them is definitely correct.

I personally am close to knowing that extremely terrible things have been done on a large scale in hospitals for at least a generation, that most people would think was impossible or crazy - but I don't speak about it because despite having good evidence, I don't yet have total proof.

I don't honestly "expect" anything. The indoctrination is just too deep🤯 But I'm glad you have an open mind. This is the most important thing🙏

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great infos

Thanks but this is 2.5 hours long and I have no idea what you want me to look for - can you give me a hint?

Just edited the link, gave the wrong one at first. This one's edited to only < 2 min, the president's unconstitutional tyrannical draconian decree.

TLDR; barangay captains are just there to solve disputes in neighborhoods without calling the provincial police and keeping it out of the courts

I see ok, this is similar to Austria and some other places.