US FDA Stumped By Question: "Swine Flu Vax Was Pulled After 25 Deaths. 1000s Dead From COVID Vax - How Many More?"

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In this video, a passionate caller contacts the US Food and Drug Administration hotline to ask them a simple question:
"Given that the VAERS vaccine injury reporting system shows 1000s of deaths possibly attributed to the COVID vaccines and given that the swine flu vaccine was withdrawn from use after only 25 deaths, we need to know how many deaths will the FDA allow from COVID shots before they will be withdrawn!"

This is a relatively straight forward and logical question, which a rational organisation would have a clear answer to. Yet the person at the FDA just stumbles and fumbles with no coherent reply or even acknowledgement of the issue. The caller even accuses the FDA of murder and genocide, but no motivation to respond was apparent from the FDA agent.

The number of people logged as having died following a COVID19 shot on the US VAERS system is in multiple thousands. While it is true that VAERS reports are not proof of vaccines having killed the person that died in and of themselves, there is clearly an issue here.
People are being logged as having died FROM COVID if they received a positive PCR test for COVID even when they actually died of a car accident.. Yet 'fact checkers' claim that the only data the US really has publicly available on vaccine deaths are not valid because the system isn't accurate enough!?
Surely, if neither system is accurate then the argument that we must vaccinate everyone is no more solid than the claims that vaccines are killing lots of people?
If that is the case then surely we should err on the side of caution and definitely not be mandating or forcing vaccines on anyone, let alone children!
Yet, many voices continue to push for exactly such abuses of free will in the name of 'science'!

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I know so many people who have had serious effects from this vaccine many life changing. Almost every day I hear of more. Yet never knew anyone at all get rly sick from covid. Not saying no one did but it’s obvious this isn’t good at all.

What are the serious effects you refer to? And how many people?

On the flipside, one of my friend's mom died from COVID this year.

are they sure it was covid? I only ask this as someone in my family had severe pneumonia and was in hospital and ill for months and months and I did say had the test been positive not negative would you have thought it could have been covid if you had been told it was covid and they did say yes. Similar symptoms with no taste etc.

I believe so, but of course I only have this information secondhand from my friend. But he is very intelligent and reliable, so I don't believe he got it wrong.

Reactions to the vaccine so far is, probably more but the ones I can remember is I have a friend who has 3 friends who lost their periods after the vaccine, I personally met someone at a wedding who told me after the vaccine her blood came out in clots like slugs and she was very ill for a month (she is still considering second!!), My bfs friends boxing teacher dropped dead of a heart issue a week after vaccine and he had no health issues at all before. A guys mum at my friends gym had a clot in their foot that they did acknowledge was from the vaccine, my friends yoga teacher died a week after vaccine. My hair stylists nan died within 2 weeks of a vaccine, they just put it down as old age. This one I defo can't be sure of but a friends aunt dropped dead of a heart attack from nowhere in the middle of getting ready I can't say for sure that's linked but these things do add up. Another friend of mine has 2 family members with life changing reactions to the vaccine, she was on the fence about having it and now is like no way that made her decision. There are so many more tbh I just can't remember I feel like almost every day someone is telling me about a family member or friend who has had issues. My parents and one friend who had it remain fine though with no symptoms, all had the AZ of the ppl I know who are fine. I mean we can't be sure all of these are related but it's just too many in a short space of time.

That does sound pretty bad, but it is quite opposite to my own experience. Personally, it made my arm sore at the site and I felt a little tired later that night, but I am not sure it wasn't normal fatigue.

Moreover, at this point, almost everyone I know well has been vaccinated (to the point that I don't know of anyone I have interacted with in the past year and have met in person that isn't vaccinated). Of those people, the worst report I've heard is feeling bad for three days or less (two described a milder version of flu-like aches, fatigue, etc upon receiving their second shot).

As an exercise, I made a list of those people I could think of that I've spoken to in person or on the phone about their response to their vaccination and that came to about 40 people before I stopped trying to think of names. And while I cannot be sure, I also believe that they would have reported at that time any severe effects on their close contacts (who also almost universally got vaccinated if they were eligible).

We definitely live in our eco bubbles as I only closely know 3 vaccinated people as no one I know from the spiritual or health communities got vaccinated or is even considering same actually with stunt people and people into a lot of exercise. Most ppl I know have researched it heavily and chosen not to get it at all. Even the older people I medt at the spiritual events or the hari Krishna ones that are 70 + year didn’t have it either. So I don’t rlt know many ppl who had it just one friend from photography and my parents. Although a lot of the people I know do have family members or other friends vaccinated so I do hear a lot of things through them. I will say I have a very wide circle. I know a few ppl who got covid but no one very badly, either didn’t rly get any symptoms or just had a rly bad flu like cold for a week. I do know a range of ages but I will say most ppl I know are very focused on their health, a lot plant based etc, into exercise and mental well being.

Out of interest did you meet more ppl who had the az or pfeizer ? The later is the newer technology.

Everyone I know immediately that had it had the az and they felt symptoms kind of what you said. I mean personally I am so shocked by how many family memebers and friends have had awful things Happen after the jab but rly I feel we won’t know what it actually does to the body till 2022 at the earliest. Rushing fda approval isn’t good it’s bad, as it sets a dangerous precedent.

Most had Pfizer or Moderna (the two mRNA-based vaccines), but a few had Johnson & Johnson or AstraZeneca. The first two vaccines are generally preferred, because their efficacy is higher. And AstraZeneca had some controversy associated with its rollout:

As to the emergency use authorization, it is just a practical thing to do, in my opinion. The normal pace for vaccine rollouts is based on normal risks. When there is a much higher than normal risk, it only makes sense that approval can be speeded up.

Despite that, the testing trials for the covid vaccines were quite extensive prior to release to the general public and the rollout has been very smooth, overall, as far as I can tell. If someone is a relative hermit, I can see them waiting until the vaccine gets full FDA approval. But if they interact much with other people, the relative risk ratio seems strongly tilted towards getting vaccinated (originally this might have been true only for older people, but with the Delta variant it looks true for everyone that is eligible for the shot).

Tbh I wouldn't have any but if someone pinned me down and jabbed it in my arm I would choose AZ as at least it was a somewhat normal vaccine not mrna, the ppl I know who didn't have too bad reactions all had AZ, I think the reason it was banned was political as the pfzeizer gets a ton of sever reactions. I sometimes wonder if the AZ was the control vaccine, of course no evidence on any of that.

I can only reiterate that I haven't been told of a single person thru my local contacts that had a really severe reaction to pfizer or moderna. And those are by far the most common ones here (one person I know who originally got J&J even went back later to get pfizer because it works better).

The risk is not justified though, the survival rate is way over 99.7 percent and that takes into account all the car accidents and heart attacks with a positive covid test. If it was 50/50 or certain death perhaps but you really cannot justify killing the whole population if things go wrong with an experimental vaccine to possibly save 0.3 percent. I was offered my vaccine with much older ppl so myself have some health weaknesses it seems with my auto immune background and I still stand by my argument. Sure look after that 0.3 percent and if they want to take the vaccine after fully researching it then I support their choice, but it would be more sensible to offer cheap fruit and veg and free gym rather than lockdown since the biggest covid comorbidity is obesity. There has never been a successful vaccine against a sars virus, it's never eliminated one and can in fact make it mutate and worse. To tell ppl it has no risks is down right lying. Scientists are mixed on if it could make things worse and have negative long term affects for people's health but that information just gets silenced and de platformed.

If the FDA was being at all honest it would wait till 2022 at the earliest to approve the covid virus. If it approves it any sooner than 2022 it's set a very dangerous precedent for all future drugs.

Personally western medicine is my very last port of call. I avoided and meds and steroids at all costs and went for raw veganism and extreme natural health for my immunity and it really worked and changed my entire quality of life. I am very sensitive to medication and won't even touch antibiotics unless it's an absolute worst case. Western medicine should literally be the absolute last resort.

We obviously are operating from different data sources. Even the original covid rate had an average fatality rate of 1%. We don't have great numbers yet for Delta, but there are already clear signs that the risks are much higher for younger people now.

And I wouldn't get too caught up in the craziness associated with "car accidents skewing the numbers" theories that I've seen promulgated here. Just think about it: 38.6K people died from car accidents in 2020. Just statistically we can see that only a very few of them would have covid. So even assuming 10% of those who died were diagnosed as covid positive, that's not going to move the needle much even if every single one of that group was actually counted as a covid death (which I don't think is factually correct, at least for US numbers, as based on my reading of CDC reporting guidelines to hospitals at that time, a causal link showing covid was a contributing factor to classify them as a covid death: so someone who tested positive but was asymptomatic wouldn't be classified as a covid death, as a simple example).

As a side note, I also do not like to take medications and I do not take any regularly, not even the common over the counter ones that a lot of people take. I've only gone to a clinic two or three times in 10 years. But looking at the odds on covid vaccinations vs covid, I didn't hesitate too long.

As a side note, two people in my near orbit do believe they got covid prior to getting vaccinated. Neither one required hospitalization or got tested to confirm it was actually covid that they had, but one reports a continuing loss of smell. I don't know exactly to what degree their sense of smell was impaired, as I was told about it secondhand and couldn't easily ask followup questions.

The problem is that flu has disappeared supposedly and we have been so bombarded with covid that every little sniffle it's someone's first thought. The pcr test is so unreliable that it's being recalled so we really have no idea if these people all had covid or how different it is to other sars viruses etc. My family member took 7 months to even start getting better from pneumonia and also had the loss of taste etc and did say had they tested positive when admitted to hospital they would have fully believed it was covid. Even I am looking back and thinking I did have something weird the November before covid was announced, was it covid etc? It's really all we think about now and the brain is powerful. They did say everyone with long covid tests positive with glandular fever... I remember some kids at school getting that and they were off for months on end.

I definitely have 5 or more friends that had what they believe was covid, one even took a test and it was positive, they were ill but said wouldn\t be afraid to get it again and don't want vaccine. My bf was pretty sure he had it and lost the taste smell etc was a bit ill but was at gym 2 days later. The thing is because I do not believe the figures either way and seen first hand too many ppl (friends relatives of friends) who had covid on a death cert when illness had nothing to do with covid, and got told they released the body sooner with covid. One exteme case perhaps but I know of 3 ppl just in my circle who had friends and relatives that that happened to. I have also seen them refuse to connect symptoms to the vaccine and ppl get false positives that I just don't trust any of the data at all on either side. If they had been a bit more honest and transparent and allowed a range of opinions out there, rather than suppressing and brainwashing constantly I might have been a bit more open minded but I can't trust any of this.

Well, again it is a just different life experiences I guess. Personally I only know of the one person in my entire extended circle who got diagnosed as a covid death, thankfully.

I personally know people who had COVID and had no lasting problems. The only people I have heard of indirectly who have had issues with COVID are people who work in hospitals, but given the massive potential for false positives it's difficult to know exactly how true the claims are. I also don't know anyone who had problems with vaccines but most people I know wouldn't have the vaccine anyway.
This data says a lot:


We're up against an alien agenda. (not kidding)

#GodHelpUs #StopTheCrime

It's certainly very multi dimensional, yes!

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I couldn't help but reminisce over Howard Stern and his altered calls. Comedy genius until it got played out.

I wonder about the validation of the call especially since I cant get a hold of anyone with government institutions like the FDA or CDC or my unemployment office😆

Anyways, if the call was true I don't think anyone is surprised that facts still don't matter over propaganda.

I asked this q to some woman who’s pushing vaccine passports and after protesting about how she follows science and there is only one right path, her answer was less than 4.7 million covid deaths. I mean let’s forget that that’s involving not of for a minute and see a woman who supposedly believes in ‘science’ thinks it’s ok for a vaccine to kill 4 million people without recalling it lol

While it is true that VAERS reports are not proof of vaccines having killed the person that died in and of themselves, there is clearly an issue here.

No, there is not. That is just a feeling you have. People statistically have health issues and even die all the time. You would have to show that statistically those people were dying more than normal to even begin to show there is a problem, much less a clear one.

And even a study like that would be complicated by the fact that VAERS accepts reports from all over the world, with different rates of all reported issues. Furthermore, statistically the chance for health issues is higher during the pandemic due to stressful conditions, poorer nutrition, and less availability of health services overwhelmed by treatment of COVID patients.