Hi Dose Vit C Healed Swine Flu Fatality. Topic Censored for COVID19. Why?

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Numerous Doctors have stated that they have attempted to inform the UK Gov and others of the benefit of using high dose Vitamin C treatment directly into the veins of patients, yet the Gov has claimed there is no evidence for it. The Chinese government ordered 4+ tons of Vitamin C at the start of their COVID19 problem and for good reason, we need it as a fuel to fight infection.
In this video from around 2009, a New Zealand farmer with 'Swine Flu' on life support was about to be killed by the hospital as there was 'nothing they could do' for him. His family researched online and learned about the benefit of high dose vitamin C. The hospital absolutely resisted it's use, despite it being cheap and easily available and despite the only other option being death. Eventually the family got their way and the man recovered. His health dipped when they stopped the treatment and continued recovering when they started it again. Even after he was fully recovered, the 'medical experts' tried to claim that the Vitamin C was not responsible and actually it was just because they had put him on his side.
Please share this video far and wide, we NEED to KNOW all evidence in order to make informed decisions and not be exploited by cynical corporate entities SELLING their version of 'health'.

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Vitamins C & D are the best vaccines and cure for COVID and many other ailments.

But they are cheap or free so no one promotes them.
I find that many people know this and take them regularly despite the media blackout.

Yes, Zinc and Selenium are also helpful. "The money isn't in dead people or in healthy people, but somewhere in between"! :/

I like higher doses of vitamin C in general as well. The work of Linus Pauling has had a big influence on me. Thanks for sharing!

They just want that we be sick and they get money.

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Laverdad muy interesante y instructivo, gracias por compartir.

If this message is legit then vitamin C saved Wuhan from chinese flu pandemic