US Lawyer: Gov Is Covering Up Injuries From COVID19 Experimental Shots. Doctors Fear Retaliation!

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Aaron Siri is a partner in a US legal practice that specialises in handling cases of vaccine injury (or death). Here he speaks at a conference chaired by US Senator Ron Johnson and exposes how the truth of vaccine injury is being denied by those in positions of power.

This recent conference in Washington DC has provided many bombshell testimonies from Americans who have been sidelined and ignored in relation to their inuries caused by COVID19 experimental shots - the full video is several hours long and I will upload more powerful clips soon.

The video of the full conference is available on Highwire here.

Aaron has years of experience representing victims of injury caused by the vaccine products made by some of the world's most wealthy pharmaceutical corporations - who themselves are often granted immunity from prosecution by (corrupt) governments. In essence, there is no other 'drug' or product I can think of that could harm or kill you, but which you have no form of valid recompense through the court systems - beyond vaccines.

He highlights in this talk how he has been representing a US Doctor called Patricia Lee who wishes to stand up and share with the world how much denial is involved in the topic of monitoring and exposing the risks and injuries associated with COVID19 shots.
Dr. Lee herself had not been injured, but she has seen so many cases of patients being injured by the shots and so little being done in recognition of this, that she decided to go public to try to expose the situation.
She describes an atmosphere of fear, whereby Doctors are terrified to speak up against the 'official narrative' being perpetrated by the government, since they can lose their job, pension and social standing as a result.
Science has been suspended in the health field for many years, instead replaced by 'marketing' for the big pharma companies and their cronies in government. The true scale of the crimes being perpetrated against humanity is so vast that those involved will go completely against the grain of the intended design of 'justice' and politics in order to avoid the truth coming to light.

In the case of Dr. Lee, she eventually got a meeting with the FDA and predictably, the FDA simply projected more denial. Instead of responding compassionately and honestly to the heart wrenching stories from Dr. Lee of the catastrophic injuries created by the COVID19 shots, the FDA instead simply denied what was happening.
Siri states that Dr. Lee was informed by the FDA that the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) database doesn't show a problem with the COVID19 shots, so there is no problem.. Even while a practicing medical Doctor is telling them that they are wrong from her own experience.

For a breakdown of data from the VAERS system (and others), please see my previous post, in which I demonstrate that not only have cases of injury from the COVID19 shots dwarfed the injuries caused by all other previous shots in history, but the US gov's own data shows that VAERS is significantly under-reported, to the point that anyone claiming that VAERS is 'the only truth' is palpably dishonest and should not be in any positions of power or authority.

Just pay attention to the narration when you personally bring up VAERS in a public forum. You will find there are statists and corrupt system shills telling you that VAERS cannot be trusted when you use it to demonstrate that the shots are doing harm. You will also see such people holding up VAERS as a reliable data source when they are talking to people who don't realise how under-reported VAERS is.

You are surrounded by criminals in positions of power. Those who try to silence discussion of this are complicit in crimes against humanity. This includes Twitter, who state that this very video you have seen here is 'misleading' and it also includes anyone trying to censor or stifle public scrutiny and discussion of this topic. We will not forget who you are.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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A nurse whistleblower in France calling herself Vérité soit faite which means Truth be established, made this comment on our group of vaxx reactions...before the group was deleted 5 times. She finally left fb disgusted. They went onto Telegram and then Mewe which is easier to moderate with 22k members. I'll translate😉


It starts:

Hello, I can confirm what you're saying, the ddimeres exam should be done immediately after injection. Explosion of cases of strokes, thrombosis, Guillian Barré Syndrom, AVC, I've lost count..But of course, not only these complaints are practically never taken serious, or they're stifled..all this has a precise goal. I'll explain all this on my channel. I'll find a way to alert people. Youngsters having myocarditis, as well as vision loss, gastro oesaphagial syndroms like never seen before. They try to hide it all cause it was all prepared in advance.Above all resist! Courage to everyone!

Would be nice if you could communicate on the true fatal secondary effects statistics linked to these experimental injections.

The true stats will never be published for the good and simple reason that they've all been falsified. However, the healthcare workers have well seen on duty that there's something going on. And strange enough, those are either mutated elsewhere or fired to keep them quiet...for proof the pharmacovigilance as well as numerous hospitals got as an order to not take people's complaints and to minimize the effects and deaths linked to the vaccine. We are living through some very dark times. But because we are conscious of it, we can better act accordingly. Sincerely.

I think her channel on YouTube was deleted as well. The same crap in every country with witnesses, whistleblowers, and lawsuits everywhere🙏

Absolutely, yes, thanks for the translation here. There is clearly a need for blockchain to be used to collate evidence and data in a way that is tied to the authors - who need to be 'qualified medical experts' and related people. Unfortunately, we aren't quite at the point where the medical people are aware of the need to do this and we don't have exactly the right tools needed to support them in that either. It's another important thing to add to the list to do!

In France they're just learning the word blockchain. And they still don't understand, at least most outside of Paris. I tried to get her to post on Odysee, I'll have to check see if she created an account. We had at least 2 associations that were indeed headed by lawyers suing Macrotte (which is a twist on Macron and doggy droppings lol🤣🤣), one called Réaction 19 and the other . Hopefully many more have grown🙏🌻

Oh OK, that's interesting to know - I had been wondering how far blockchain has spread around non English speaking countries, since I don't hear much from them (other than Asian regions).

Are the Gilets Jaunes still doing anything or did they retire to the safety of their homes to stockpile toilet paper too during COVID? :)

No, they brought back out the gilets😝 Every Saturday since August 10th protest after protest. Now they're joined by millions of other French🇫🇷 This was last Saturday in Paris, but the protests are in all cities.

Oh, I see! Thanks for sharing. At what point to people realise that begging and pleading is an act of cowardice and not strength?

Exactly! You are talking about France. And while their ancestors understood this, today they no longer do😣 They will go under, which is why I escaped to Mexico😀

You didn't give a link to the whole video. I'd like to watch the whole thing as time allows.

Oh sure, ok, I added it from Highwire - hopefully it will stay online there a while, but I'll put other best clips up as individual videos when I get time.

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