COVID19 Shots May Have Killed 40,000+ Within 72 Hours: Class Action Lawyer For 1st Responders In USA

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A class action lawsuit has been filed in Hawaii on behalf of first responders such as firemen, police, medical staff and others who wish to remain unvaccinated for COVID19 due to concerns surrounding their safety.

As I have been recently recording, safety concerns surrounding the novel vaccines technology used in COVID19 shots have been continually mounting, with data of all kinds pointing to serious issues with both their viability and safety. Michael Green, an attorney in Hawaii states here, alongside a passionate first responder, that he has evidence that nearly 50,000 people have died in the US within 72 hours of receiving COVID19 shots.

Without seeing the evidence in question I am not able to comment on it precisely. However, I will point out that prior to COVID19 shots being rolled out, people would often point to the US VAERS database to show how safe vaccines are. Now that VAERS is showing such an epicly high level of adverse reactions and deaths following the COVID shots, people are claimingt that VAERS can't be used because it's not accurate enough! Which is it? You can't have it both ways.

The evidence in and focus on this case needs proper context. Not only are the people involved large numbers of emergency workers who are being threatened with losing their jobs if they refuse this 'medical experiment', but the background data ([Which I have been posting myself recently( shows that there is reason to think that the shots may be doing more than just killing people. Some experts think that the shots are lowing long term natural immunity and [my post from yesterday](shows that the shots may well be driving transmission of SARS CoV 2 and even putting pressure on the situation, causing it to evolve into new variants.

Whatever the truth here, the passion and emotion of the 1st responders must not be denied here.

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Wait... you're not serious right? I'm having doubts here. I think you should present some evidence first before making such bold statement.

The evidence is in the video. The class action suit is being issued. That's the topic of the post. If you need more evidence that the case is being opened then I'm sure you can find it in the relevant legal avenues.

I actually want to see documents or links to said documents so I could read and decide for myself whether the claim(s) in the video has merit or not.

You would have to follow up with the legal team involved because I don't know which documents they are referring to in their evidence.

Where is the video from originally?

Thanks for being on it.

I had zero plans to EVER get the vaccine.. but there are lots of sheep out there who need to see this..

Absolutely, yes. It's sad that it takes a lawyer to grab people's attention when the data has been shared by large numbers of people for months. But whatever works!

I shared it to my Facebook page so hopefully more people will see it.. especially the ones who think I'm stupid for not accepting the untested vaccine

Excellent! I'm sure more will come out soon. I just made another post with even more info in it!

Interesting...would love more researchable links and stuff. Thanks for the post.

You are welcome. I just updated the post with a link to my recent post on vaccine injury (i forget to put it in the description here). I have numerous other posts on this topic from recent weeks that contain a variety of sources and studies. I am not sure where they are getting their figures from in this case as yet.

The main things here I want to point is - you can still get covid if you have been vaccinated and you can still carry and transmit the virus. So, what is the point of getting vaccinated again?

Yes, that's true and additionally it seems that your risks from variants other than the original one they designed the shots around are increased if you have been vaccinated. So overall, as usual, a strong natural immunity wins!

That's what I'm banking on. I believe our whole family had it prior to it becoming a pandemic. Christmas of 2019 we were all down with something. The doctors didn't know what as they assumed it was influenza, but we all had really high fevers and could barely keep anything down. Breathing was difficult, but we all managed through it. Now I can walk through poison ivy barefoot and not get it 😉

I see, ok, could be I guess! I had COVID symptoms for a week in mid 2020 and was having a lot of trouble breathing. I had an antibody test a few weeks later and it came back negative, but I'm not sure how accurate the tests are anyway!

That's horrible. What would be the end game of all this? Just depopulation? Or is there something more sinister than this?

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Every human action has layers to it - the conscious, the sub conscious and the unconscious. Each of these layers has different involvements here. There are also large numbers of people involved with varying desires, needs and intentions. I'd say that the nefarious end of things ranges from a power grab, to greed to pure evil.

Wow... I really hope that first responders aren't fired for doing what they believe is necessary.

Also I don't understand. If this shot basically guarantees that you won't die from Covid, why the threats? Just make sure everyone who is willing has the opportunity?

The shots don't guarantee you won't die from COVID. They are are only alleged to lower severity of disease for the 1st variant that they were designed for. They are not so effective for the delta variant and there is evidence that significant numbers of vaccinated people died from the vaccine.

Then why are our first responders being threatened like that? Seems that they deserve more gratitude.

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What they are saying is true.

Yes, of course a lawyer is going to be your best source of information on the risks of taking a vaccine. Seriously?? But again, you manage to distort even this guy's claim. He said 45000 people had died within 72 hours of getting vaccinated. As suspicious as even that sounds, your headline is making a bolder one that only an insane lawyer would ever claim: you're claiming the vaccine actually killed them.

I have been studying vaccine injury for many years and solidly for the last couple of days, so your logic is wrong when you say that a lawyer is my best source of information. The lawyer is the best source of information on his specific claims since he is the one making the claims that he is evidencing.

You are correct that he did not imply causal connection between the deaths and the shots. I did not intend to mislead anyone and will happily insert the word 'may' into the title. The case is partially predicated on the reality that the shots may be causing a lot of death. In my mind, having seen the evidence I have seen, I know for sure that they are killing people - I just don't know exactly how many.

Dont let the sheep make you back of from what you know to be the truth!
Reiner Fuellmich is a German Lawyer he is uncovering more facts than anyone else I know. Many Dr's in Texas are aware of the truth. Do you know about Dr Brian Ardis and Remdesivir that the criminal faucci forced a death protocol on all hosptials?

I hadn't heard of Brian Ardis, no - I'll take a look - thanks.

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