Holocaust Survivor Testifies To German COVID19 Legal Investigation: Nazi Slavery Was Led By Doctors & Nurses. Similarity Must Not Be Denied.

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Vera Sharav was a Jewish child in Germany during the Nazi Holocaust and experienced first hand a eugenics driven public health policy enforced on the population. Here she testifies to the Berlin Corona Committee on the similarities between today's orchestrated global COVID19 'response' and the Nazi holocaust.

I recently shared the initial conclusions of the Berlin Corona Committee in which German Lawyer, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, shared their conclusions after having interviewed over 150 expert witnesses. Their startling conclusion is that COVID19 has been an engineered assault on the freedom and wealth of the entire planet, likely driven by greed and a eugenics based ideology - the same as occurred in world war 2 with the German Nazi party.
In this interview, the team speaks with Vera Sharav, an articulate and intelligent Jewish survivor of the Nazi holocaust in Germany during/prior to World War 2. Vera clearly draws parallels between the strategy used to segregate and demonise certain categories of people based on what was at the time declared to be scientific, rational public health policy since jews and other 'sub humans' were declared a health threat to other people.

For the most part, when people have drawn comparisons to Nazi Germany during the COVID19 experience, talking heads and social media commentators have been quick to ridicule them, claiming that 'it's just a mask' and calling such people 'snowflakes'. Vera's testimony shows why these people are either ignorant of history or worse, are complicit in shared intentions of an unloving kind. Those who study history and 'the human condition' know very well how quickly a situation such as this can spiral into something far worse. We deny this at our peril.

Topics Covered:

  • Medical and Scientific intitutions were perverted to subvert human rights.
  • Criminal methods and fear were used to institute public health policy.
  • Sub groups of the population were blamed for public problems.
  • Political power was formented through these strategies.
  • Fear stopped people from rising up to protect themselves from government organised evil.
  • Controls were incremented gradually, eventually leading to total domination.
  • When Doctors and medical workers align with government controls that override human rights, huge evil tends to follow.
  • The murderous process of the holocaust was endorsed by the medical establishment.
  • Many US, German & Swiss corporations powered the mass murder, including IBM, Coca Cola, Nestle, Chase Manhatten, Standard Oil, Ford, BMW, Bayer and other Rockefeller owned corporations.
  • All of these organisations profited hugely from the mass murder.
  • US Wall St. Bankers funded the process (see the books by Antony Sutton, such as 'Wall St. and the rise of Hitler).
  • Mentally ill and people in nursing homes were targeted early on for termination.
  • A committee of 54 psychiatrists made the decision to kill those who were exterminated.
  • 15,000 people were killed by orders made by NYC's Governor Cuomo, sending them to nursing homes which he predicted would result in them getting sick and possibly dying (the same occurred in the UK with Matt Hancock).
  • COVID19 is being exploited to maintain a state of fear. Lockdowns are a very effective method of social control and conditioning, but not to stop COVID19.
  • Psychological weapons are being used to program people into submission.
  • Forced mask wearing are a symbolic equivalent to the gold stars that Nazis forced Jews to wear.
  • Oligarchs have increased wealth by 2 Trillion USD in 2020 alone. Financial incentives for lockdowns are massive.
  • Many businesses have gone bankrupt, centralising wealth into the hands of oligarchs.
  • Doctors critical of safety of the COVID19 shots are targeted and silenced by the mainstream media.
  • Contracts between governments and shot manufacturers have been kept secret for a reason.
  • Klaus Schwabb's 'The Great Reset' continues population reduction started by Adolf Hitler and takes Hitler's mission to the next level.
  • COVID19 is a tool being used to try to dominate the entire world.
  • Klaus Schwabb's Father was a Nazi collaborator and she says that Klaus Schwabb collaborated with the South African apartheid regime.
  • Many people in Germany were warning about what was to come from the Nazis but were ridiculed as the equivalant to 'conspiracy theorists'. The denial of the warnings led to massive death.
  • Black Lives Matter and other divisive campaigns are deliberately set up to distract away from global tyrannical agenda.
  • The Nuremberg Code was set up specifically to protect the world from medical tyranny and evil - it needs to be used.
  • The population must come together to defend themselves against the most wealthy and powerful who are involved in a long planned attempt at a global power grab.
  • Bill Gates and others have been controlling and bribing mainstream media, government and medical establishments for a long time.
  • The 'great reset' intends to install Technocracy and to merge humans with machines in an unprecedented way. It is almost guaranteed that such a move would result in those installing the software being left more powerfult than others - a situation totally in alignment with Hitler's Master-race delusions.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Without a doubt, the world is becoming a socialist nazi soviet fascist place. Assisted by the super efficiency of the media and smartphones, they put to shame the propaganda speakers and leaflets of WW2.

I think that the particular political ideologies are just contrived smoke screens that are designed to keep people divided and distracted. Whether there is 'socialism', 'capitalism', 'communism' or most other isms, the same groups will continue to drive society towards their control and if they themselves can't control it then they'll make moves to damage it.

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World disease Covid-19!

@ura-soul Everything is planned.

And what can those of us who are awake do?

I was affected by the vaccine and what they told me was: you were going to get the virus and having the vaccine protects you from death.

They do not reason. I know of acquaintances that after being vaccinated the metals stick to them. One tells that story and they do not believe us.

Now they are taking the vaccines everywhere and people are lining up to get them.

They are managing fear. Even the doctors I know do not believe me.

They all look like zombies, the few of us who are awake don't know what else to do.
We are tired of warning and being called crazy....

Any suggestions?

They want to require the vaccination