Big Pharma Whistleblowers Reveal Criminality & Deception Are A Normal Part of Drug Industry's Business Model

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Several pharmaceutical company whistleblowers appear in this video who all point to the same truth - that big pharma companies consider criminality and deception a fundamental part of their business model.

I have had this video on for years and today have noticed that it has been deleted from Youtube, this may be due to Youtube's recent round of deleting anyone who dares to speak up for health truths that contradict their cronies in the world's largest pharmaceutical coprorations, so I am mirroring it to 3speak where it cannot be removed.
As has long been exposed in a variety of ways, the world's biggest and richest drug companies got there just as much through criminality as through other means. From bribing 'scientists' with grants and other 'gifts' to make sure their work is profitable for the drug companies, to failing to publish studies that make them look bad and actually to FAR worse atrocities - the drug companies seemingly have no shame.

I recently shared Dr. Virapen's testimony on this same subject, in which he admits big pharma is essentiall evil.

We can also see the recent leaks from Project Veritas, tame in comparison to other material that was already available in the world, that shows many people within these organisations knowingly continue working there for the big bucks, despite fully understanding that ethics are being breached and perhaps even serious crimes being committed.

Some, such as Danish Dr. Peter Gøtzsche, have gone as far as to fully research and identify that Big Pharma's business model is indistinguishable from the model used by organised crime gangs:

In this video, we see Troy from 'Certified Health Nut' interviewing several whistleblowers, including scientits/researchers and others from within big pharma organisations. It is made clear that it is standard practice to buy influence and Doctors in every way possible using money and bribery of other kinds in order to sell more drugs. This effectively means that when you think you are going to get an independent opinion from a Doctor, there's a good chance that actually you are speaking to someone under the influence of corporate bribery and may be given a drug not based on safety and efficacy, but on financial gains.

It is common for treatments to be prescribed purely because they are new, in order to generate more profits - even when safer drugs are available at a lower price. Clearly this is a major problem that the world needs to better understand, particularly in the light of the current controversy over COVID19 shots.

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Job well done, @ura-soul. Professional, concise, an effort much appreciated. As we're assuredly both busy with our own projects, without extra time to research presently, I wonder if you've done any sort of mass-aggregating, for quality, reputable sites and sources?

Especially with the recent "outage" on social media sites, it would be prudent for every one of us to begin compiling independent sites, even our own repositories in various formats. To this extent, I've put in some effort and found some outstanding examples. Willing to share, w/o any strings. Other ideas floating around too, if interested.