US COVID19 Summit | Doctors & Legal Experts: COVID19 Science Fraud & Corrupt Gov Has Killed Many.

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The ongoing COVID19 summit in the US which is allowing numerous legal, medical and science experts to converge and meet with Senator Ron Johnson on the topic of exposing corruption and criminality that has occurred as part of the COVID19 policies and shot rollouts, continues.

This is a very important series of meetings in the US between a wide variety of specialists in medical, legal and other fields.
Topics of conversation include:

  • The financial corruption at all levels of government and the healthcare infrastructure, that has probably caused a vast number of deaths during COVID19 and has been actively covered up and empowered by a compliant mainstream media.
  • The deliberate prevention of early treamtent of COVID19 by vested interests seeking profit.
  • The deliberate attempt by pharmaceutical corporations to stall and prevent investigation into the shots that they have sold as being 'safe and effecitve', but which are clearly not.
  • The carcinogenic nature of the COVID19 shots. (Cancer).
  • The poor level of care being given to COVID19 patients in hospitals, often leading to unnecessary deaths on a massive scale.
  • Avoidance of basic scientific principles in order to maximise the profits of pharmaceutical corporations.
  • Government policies have been written by the pharmaceutical industry.
  • The SARS CoV2 spike protein is the main danger in COVID19, yet the experimental COVID shots create the spike protein in people - which is logically extremely dangerous and is likely the reason why so many people have died after recieving the shots.
  • Remdesivir is known to be a dangerous drug that was forced through into massive use in the US through scientific fraud. Many people have died as as result.
  • Huge numbers of people have likely been killed by the experimental shots and the deaths have been covered up.

Numerous Doctors and experts are featured, in addition to people who have been seriously injured by the COVID shots and also the families of victims who died due to malfeasance in the healthcare system, including:

Dr. Pierre Kory
Senator Ron Johnson
Dr. David Wiseoman
Dr. Christina Parks
Dr. Robert Malone
Dr. Peter McCullough
Dr. Harvey Risch
Dr. Ryan Cole
Dr. Aaron Kheriaty

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I am seeing people sharing graphs now insisting the jab prevented thousands of deaths. Maybe it did protect some of the older population, maybe not. I still do not understand the obsession with jabbing everyone under 50, based on the data about death risk and age. What really makes me suspicious, though, is how these graphs look just like the "flatten the curve" graphs from almost two years ago, and those were pure nonsense.

"Lies, damned lies and statistics!"
The idea that the shots prevented thousands of deaths is based primarily on the studies produced by the manufacturers afaik. As is clear, there are numerous flaws in the studies (as is commonplace for pharma produced studies) and they have not generally been properly checked by gov or other agencies. Some of the statements made regarding the regulatory process by people such as Dr. Robert Malone are toecurling. Note: it is very telling that the naysayers never even comment on his statements about the shockingly poor regulatory process.

People who have studied this problem since long before COVID19 will be familiar with the observation that the many wild claims made about the efficacy of vaccines in general, are based on data/graphs that almost always obscure the history prior to the introduction of the vaccines. Graphs will tends to start in the 20th century, appearing to show the prevalence of diseases dropping off after vaccine rollout. However if you zoom out and use older data to make the graphs longer, you will see that the diseases were massively more common in earlier decades and they were rapidly dropping off long before the vaccines were introduced, typically due to improving sanitation, nutrition and knowledge of science/health in general. This is just another longstanding example of how the masses are deceived on a large scale using simply data manipulation.

I know the graphs regarding workplace injuries and deaths show a decline after OSHA... that at best continues the pre-OSHA rate of decline. Sanitation is also the single greatest advancement for human health. But remember, just because scientists lied to us about marijuana danger, tobacco safety, and numerous drugs which have been recalled from the market due to unforeseen complications, that doesn't mean they're wrong this time!

There is massive money to be made by such fraud, but more than that it is a way to maintain artificial power pyramids without having to fight war.

We need to arrest the perpetrators of this fraud, seize the assets they have amassed in their criminal careers, and subject them to the full penalty of the laws against war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide, because that's what they have committed.


Any such action can only occur as part of a total 'redesign' of society because these people own/control the core of it.

I know I am not alone when I say I intend no less. The new means of production that have been developed render the centralization of industry obsolete, and eliminates the ability of oligarchs to parasitize our production. The old enslavement to overlords projecting force with armed thugs to keep us all working for the benefit of wealthy masters are over.

Once we defeat their Machiavellian plots to enslave us all, their heads will roll, and we will be free. Our posterity will inherit from us the very stars of heaven, that legacy will be theirs to enjoy in perpetuity, felicity, and prosperity, in the good company of their free peers.

That's why we're here.

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