World Expert COVID Doctor On Joe Rogan Goes Viral: Many Died Needlessly Due To Greed & Ineptitude

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From as far back as May this year, I have been promoting Dr. Peter Mcullough as one of the foremost experts, not just on COVID19, but also who has stood up to strongly and clearly state that handling of COVID19 has killed millions unnecessarily - for profit or worse! Now he has gone viral after appearing in a 3 hour interview on Joe Rogan's Podcast and mainstream journalists are confronted with the evidence they have denied for so long!

As frustrating as it has been to apply scientific rigour (as best as I can) to my understanding of COVID19 (as a data specialist with a strong focus in health - but without being medically trained.), sometimes resulting in people who haven't taken any time to look at the evidence ridiculing me or censoring me for their own reasons... I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for Dr. Peter Mcullough, one of the world's most cited scientists and a foremost expert in Heart issues, among other areas. Despite having authored a large number of scientific articles and being highly esteemed, having also treated a large number of COVID patients himself, personally - he has been heavily censored on silicon valley sites too!

It is not really possible to ridicule this man, though, without appearing ignorant yourself. Only a relatively small number of people in the world have the kind of experience that he does and they are unlikely to be taking to the web to troll him. In reality, his detractors seem to mostly originate among the corporate media, funded by big pharma and their stooges in various industries.

Dr. Mcullough has said in previous videos that I have shared to 3Speak (see below), that he is clear that the evidence shows that not only could 80% plus of COVID related deaths have been prevented with proper care - in fact, most of these deaths were CAUSED by the medical establishment directly and he even speculuates that the evidence shows some have done this deliberately for unclear reasons. (to him).

To have someone in his position openly saying this, backed up by thousands of studies and with the mind of an encyclopedia, is a hard challenge for the mainstream to address and I have yet to see anyone even come close to trying to rebutt his claims let alone debunk him. So much so that I have even now seen the mainstream media have to concede that he makes good points and some are even openly considering he might be right and COVID19 may actually have been a deliberately engineered scheme for profit and power gain! (imagine that!).

In any case, this new interview with Joe Rogan has gone viral and rightly so. It is generally a good interview, with Joe asking insightful questions and grilling the Doctor to some extent. Joe Rogan has himself beaten COVID19 using the protocol that Dr. Mcullough recommends, having himself faced the bizarre wrath of 'caring' people on Twitter wishing him dead for saving his own life in ways they didn't personally sanction! (No really, that happened).

There are many topics covered in this interview and I highly recommend all to make the time to watch and share with others. There are very few sources in the world capable of articulating, from direct experience, the frontline, life saving information that he does here. Stooges like Sanjay Gupta and others need to be flushed down the memory hole of human experience if we are to survive and thrive now.

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I was just listening to this, great interview, thank you for uploading to 3speak in full

You are welcome - yeah, it's well worth the time.

I myself (@truthforce writing) got 2 of the Moderna shot. I weighed the risks, I read what side effects or problems were likely, and I did get the myocarditis. I went through my personal care doctor and got the whole thing checked out and we will see if I have any long term heart damage.

My heart would hurt for between 30 seconds to a few minutes every hour or two for a month. Luckily I didn't have a massive heart attack or be hospitalized. My problems started almost immediately, I almost passed out within the first 5 minutes of getting my 1st shot. I went to the dr after that and they reccomended I still get the 2nd shot, I shouldn't have listened to them. They are 100% clueless and did not have my health and best interests in mind, they are told to tell everyone to get vaccinated and that's what they do. Drs world wide also pushed Opiods and other pills for decades, despite knowing it was harming many of their patients.

I am NOT TAKING ANY BOOSTERs as they are more dangerous to ME PERSONALLY than getting covid.

Wow, that's unfortunate, but I am glad to hear you got through without major issue. I don't know the details of Myocarditis beyond what I am hearing the whistleblower Doctors say. I do no for 100% sure though that the majority of 'Doctors' do not do the necessary due diligence to be able to deliver real care. I won't say how bad I understand many of them to be, but I'll just say it couldn't get much worse than it is.

It great to see this here, thanks for sharing it

Thank you for this!

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