US Senator: US Gov Has Lied About Safety & Efficacy of COVID19 Vaccines. The Victims Need Help!

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As I posted in my previous video from the recent Washington DC round table on COVID19 vaccines, ever more people are deeply aware of the extent to which truth has been heavily denied surrounding the COVID19 shots. Senator Ron Johnson chaired the meeting that lasted several hours and his introduction is clear - Many have been injured by the COVID19 shots and governments have actively tried to cover it up.

My regular readers will know that I have been closely analysing the data, science and testimonies surrounding the COVD19 situation and in particular the experimental shot rollouts, right throughout the last 2 years of COVID19. Having observed the machinations of the vaccine industry for nearly 15 years as a private researcher, I know full well how exploitative it can be and how many people are involved in it who have ZERO care for human beings - they are there only for personal power gain or worse. Gradually, ever more people are becoming aware of the same thing and some of them are speaking out, even from the higher end of political power.

For reference, you can find numerous of my previous posts on this topic linked here. You will see that I used simple data analysis as soon as data was available to expose how the COVID19 shots are very likely the most dangerous vaccine attempts ever released on the public. Despite the data being clear, somehow many people continue in a hypnotic trance, repeating the mantras they have been fed by the mainstream narrators - 'the vaccines are safe and effective', 'the vaccines are safe and effective', 'the vaccines are safe and effective', 'the vaccines are safe and effective'...

As this recent Washington conference shows, there are many, many serious hurt people who have been potentially harmed for life or even killed directly by the experimental COVID19 shots. My calculations, based on the vast level of under-reporting that the primary reporting systems such as VAERS and Eudravigilance experience, show that it is possible that when all is said and done - the vast scale of the shot rollout may mean that the shots kill more people than the disease ever could have.

It is one thing to reject the words of an internet blogger (even one with a long record of very rarely being disproven on anything important that I say publicly in blogs), but it is another to blatantly deny the testimony of victims, Doctors, experts, lawyers and politicians - who have all taken the time that most DO NOT take and actually studied the details of vaccine injury/death in the context of COVID19.

I highly advise all to listen to this video, the previous one with Arron Siri, the vaccine injury lawyer, and also the future ones I will share here with emotive testimonies from victims of harm from the COVID19 shots. This topic must not be buried and denied by handwaving and extremely dangerous people, posturing as 'experts'.

The full video of the roundtable is hosted by Highwire here.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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As bad as the secret sauce in the jabs are, the vaxpass that depends on them is worse. The jabs aren't vaccines, but experimental genetic therapy that the CDC is going to keep secret for ~55 years. Don't call them vaccines, because whatever they are is obviously not preventing illness, which is what vaccines do.

The vaxpass controls 100% of human needs. Access to food, fuel, shelter, even our own children, has been demonstrated to be controlled by the permission based on submission to the jab. Slovenes cannot buy fuel without the pass. The French have been prevented from buying food without it. In Australia homes, bank accounts, and children have been seized from people that do not have it.

Genetic therapy is a kind of transhumanism, which seems at first glance to be inserting machines into our living bodies. But it really is subjugation of life to death. The algorithms are managed by machines, and we are offered carrots of necessities for subjugating ourselves to secret genetic alteration. Known pathological liars claim the jabs do not alter human DNA, but a joint study by Harvard and MIT published in May 2021 showed that mRNA is transcribed into DNA. Unsurprisingly, the claim of the liars is a lie.

There is only one living creature on Earth. All living cells are direct descendants of the original living cell, the current end point of ~4B years of mitotic division into new cells, occasionally meiotically sexually reproducing to enable evolution. Every cell in every blade of grass, in people, and in microbes deep in sea floor mud is part of that original spark of life.

We are one.

The psychopaths subjugating us to inanimate objects are deluded and think that becoming part of machines will make them immortal, but the opposite is true. They are already immortal, and seek to become undead objects instead.

Every evil they seek to implement is managed by the vaxpass. To be subjugated by these evil psychopaths, we must submit to them and accept the pass. Without the pass there is no mechanism to seize our bank accounts, keep us out of grocery stores, or a pass for their minions to check on street corners.


If we refuse, they will fail.


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Meanwhile in Germany 😅

Berlin (dpa) - The developers of the Corona vaccine from Biontech have received one of the most important honours in German science. On Wednesday evening, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier awarded the German Future Prize 2021 to the team around the company's founders Özlem Türeci and Ugur Sahin, saying they had succeeded in an unprecedentedly short time in developing a vaccine against covid-19 based on mRNA technology and bringing it to the approval stage with completed studies. The award for technology and innovation is endowed with 250,000 euros.