Fauci's Treason? US Army & DARPA Whistleblower Leaks Docs Showing US Funded SARS CoV2 Development in Wuhan, China.

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New documents obtained by Project Veritas from within the US military and DARPA confirm that the SARS CoV2 virus that leads to COVID19 was engineered by the US government in conjunction with the company 'Eco Health Alliance', using labs in China to avoid US legislation that prohibits the dangerous 'gain of function' research.

This is arguably the biggest case of treason and crimes against humanity for nearly 100 years. Project Veritas state that so far Dr. Anthony Fauci has not yet responded to a request for comment on this story.


As you can see from the links below, I have been stating this since March 2020 on the Hive blockchain since strong initial evidence pointed in this direction. Over the months we have gradually learned more and more details surrounding the events that led to the engineering of SARS CoV 2 and it's release, including finding out early on who the science team were led by and who in the US government funded them.

We also saw the Chinese government remove numerous scientific studies from the internet which related to the research and which clearly praised the work of researchers collecting bats from Wuhan, China with the specific intent of engineering 'chimeric' viruses that are more dangerous to humans than they would otherwise be. While the stated intent has been claimed to be to create vaccines for threats that don't even exist (a highly stupid and illogical idea if true), the net result is that the work amounts to the same outcome as would illegal bio weapons research.

With the world reeling from over 2 years of economic and personal hardship, not to mention a large number of deaths - this new video is a bombshell that should form part of what leads to the largest international criminal case and compensation claims in human history.

The video

See for yourself in the following video how a US Army Major exposed previously unreleased documents from the US Government and DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) that spell out how the illegal research programs were being funded, that Eco Health Alliance, led by Peter Daszak, was running it and how they deliberately hid the information as much as possible. Included in this is admittance that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are effective treatments for COVID19, yet the same government has been actively suppressing their use!

If true, this really does amount to the most treasonous behaviour I have seen on such a scale, ever. This is not only treasonous to the US but also spans a variety of crimes against humanity. We don't really have many precedents for what to do in this situation, except perhaps the Nuremberg trials after World War 2, where many Nazi doctors and nurses were executed. Understandably, those involved have pulled out all the stops to stop this information spreading!

Documents Mentioned in the Video

The following are screengrabs of the earlier document mentioned in the video which has now been confirmed accurate by U.S. Marine Corp Major, Joseph Murphy.

gain of function leaked doc 1.jpg

gain of function leaked doc 2.jpg

Link To the Story on Project Veritas, including links to more source documents: https://www.projectveritas.com/news/military-documents-about-gain-of-function-contradict-fauci-testimony-under/

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And people wonder why I advocate this individual serves the rest of his natural Born life in the greatest penitentiaries our country happens to have.

Yep that's right no country clubs for this traitor and in fact,

How come this individual who doesn't even know science and claims to be science is paid more than the president?

How come this isn't a medical professional of highstanding and professionalism with a career of work behind his name?

How come this individual is allowed to lie to Congress and the American people multiple times?

How come he is allowed to behave in these fashions as well as exercise so much authority that he is not able to be fired even when he is found to be wrong.

Honestly enough that's because national institute of health needs to be completely cleaned of corruption. National institute of medical tyranny would be a better organizational name.

Excellent content today and I completely forgot that this video was going to be coming out.

I think the American people deserve justice and an end to lock Downs.

If you want to wear a mask and be afraid of the common cold that is your right.

However forcing other people into compliance and the forcing into vaccine mandates?

This is completely unacceptable.

Well, the cess pit goes back a very long time, since before even the USA existed and has certainly got very deep roots right throughout the 'medical systems' globally. To control the world you must control it's ability to live - so 'health' is primary to that.

There's no way around it a significant percent of those on Earth are not friends of humanity.

How about to ft Dietrich and the leaks there. How about the gain of function laws that closed the BSL 4 lab there. How about the university of north Carolina with the only competent bsl 4 lab to take it on..then how about it being farmed out to Canada in research trade and the batlady being thrown out with the entire Chinese bioweapons team from guess who? Wuhan infectious diseases institute!


Seems our project was outsourced. This is American technology. And our finding out we funded it.

From what I know of Fauci, this is an operation that spans the US and Europe, plus obviously China. Eco Health Alliance is run by a British guy and Fauci has strong connections to 'the network' that covers all these areas. It's not really a national thing, so much as a 'private' thing - but they certainly do dominate various national establishments in the US and elsewhere too.

It was done under the Obama Biden administration....

For that it should topple them all. This is connected.

And 3 people convicted of transferring biotech in espionage?

Oh things are just coming out. It's all documented..

Just imagine how much isn't documented...

Oh yes, I have dug into the undocumented stuff in every way I can for decades. What has not been made public makes this stuff in China look like child's play.

Well it's about time for the community to start making some changes and start sending some people to prison.

Thank you very much for your continued hard work and informing the people even if they don't want to know the truth.
And sometimes we need to let these perfectly normal seasonal flus and colds go through the population and burn themselves out while increasing the herd immunity.

Good findings, whether there is any denial from Dr. Anthony Fauchi about the funding and involvement of the SARS Cov-2, I've always known that the covid-19 pandemic is a laboratory experimental in few days we'll hear about the full details. Thanks for sharing and your efforts in making hive blockchain a better content creation and investment ground that devoids sentiments.

You are welcome, thanks for your comments!

Fauci, let's see how comfortable you will sit on the electric chair, or do you prefer an injection..?
You get the death penalty for treason in the US, right?
Let's clean up the "dirt".
Keep it coming @ura-soul 😉

I am not a fan of execution and I strongly prefer that people are enabled to heal, balance and evolve. However, this means that they cannot hold any power when they do such evil things and since the US tends to put such people in jail forever, I'm genuinely not sure that there is any point in not using execution. The best approach is probably to heavily invest in human consciousness expansion, such that these people can transform and not be a burden on society or be killed (which doesn't actually solve the problem long term anyway for reasons that are lengthy).

Generally i agree with you... first i thought of 12-16h work for them for the rest of their lives, but then again the mistrust (and their involvement) in the old system is too high to believe that they would really get punished.
If we assume that these beings have any soul at all, what they did is just too much, to give them another chance in this lifetime.
So i am ok, if they are getting executed & are gone (for this lifetime here).
More teachings for them in the next life...lost souls..?

Ultimately I don't know what is best for someone else, I just know that I need to be free from the effects of their malfeasance!

The dirt needs to be cleaned up, it won't clean up itself.
Then we really got a "free way" for a new humanity...

Question is how credible this is and if it indeed proves what some think it does.

The lab leak theory seems more and more plausible but more concrete proof is needed.
If indeed this is true and the gain of function research did lead to creating COVID 19 then Fauci is in the world of trouble.

everyone has their own standard of proof and in this case the evidence is hard to come by, so really we are left in a situation where we either have to make up our own mind based on what is available or there has to be a major court case.. However, as most of us already know - the court systems are heavily corrupted anyway, so it seems like the only solid 'proof' that is ever likely to be reached that everyone can agree on would be fauci or such people voluntarily admitting that they co-created the virus (which I imagine is never going to happen).

The evidence that I recall seeing is easily enough for me to say that those involved now have to demonstrate why the evidence is not as damning as it appears:

  • numerous studies (and even documentaries) out of china talking about and showing them collecting bats in wuhan in order to collect unusual coronaviruses in order to deliberately engineer them to make them more dangerous.

  • numerous documents and grants showing that eco health alliance has been funded to do this work by the NIH and Fauci. There is even a link in my post above to a freedom of information act document showing that the US is STILL funding the same work today, to modify SARS CoV 2 to make IT MORE dangerous too! So do we really need to know if the US gov deliberately covered up their involvement with SARS CoV2 when we already now they have been forced to admit that they are actively paying for work to be done on SARS CoV 3!?

  • Numerous scientists from around the world stating that SARS CoV 2 is man made, through independent analysis (later censored).

  • The world's leading patent forensic analysts spending 2 years looking at coronavirus patents, concluding that every single part of SARS CoV2 is not novel and has been patented since 1990.

Really, the evidence is substantial and has never been rebutted in any real way. All we've seen is Fauci flustering in Congress and saying 'it's not true' - plus fact checkers saying 'experts say it's not true'. At some point people need to 'man up' and take things into their own hands - thinking for themselves and directing our own destiny - as was always intended for humans!

and in this case the evidence is hard to come by.

Russel Brand has been doing good work pulling up info on the Lab Leak theory.
Hes been doing good research on the topic and since hes not someone that aligns himself with the left or right on the political spectrum he might be a good unbiased point of legitimacy for such research.

the court systems are heavily corrupted

Yes courts are corrupt. But when it comes to the court in cases like this, a very strong public response would overrule any monetary payment a judge or judiciary system bureaucrats would receive.

At some point people need to 'man up' and take things into their own hands

I dont think thats the answer. Its about gathering evidence and piling it on top of each other. If it indeed did leak from a lab, and my personal belief is that it did, all that is required is a match to light the keg. I have the same data to go from as you do but Im still not ready to claim with certainty that the lab leak is a fact... We need consensus and more info. And im not talking about facebook fact checker gimps.

Its going to be a famous TV personality, it could be Joe Rogan, it might even be CNN that breaks the news. It just takes 1 moment and pulling a single piece of evidence for the board to flip..
Its never about just the facts, its about if those facts will be generally accepted.

Having worked in 'media' for a long time and having studied the power structure of the world from behind the scenes for a long time too (since a small child actually, due to some of the people I was surrounded by) - I know clearly that relying on 'media' and 'celebrities' to solve such serious problems is a grave mistake. Sure, it might turn out that your scenario plays out and the world is now dependent on Joe Rogan... But that is a very sad and perilous state of affairs. Decentralisation solves most of these problems before they even get started and it's actually those of us working with decentralisation that stand some chance of balancing things out in the long term.

But that is a very sad and perilous state of affairs

It is. But the world doesnt function in the terms we understand here. The rest of the world is 10 years behind.

Some are like 20! Hehe

online marketing changed my view of the world too. I'm in that industry for 10 years now. In general, it's about "how to control users".

That's why I fall in love with hive.

I really like Russel. He does a great job for showing normie what's happening.

very good info @ura-soul - there is so much data circulating that I find it hard to keep track but thank you

no problem, you are welcome! yes, it has long been impossible for me to do everything that I would benefit from doing - I just do what I can to prioritise!

Thanks you for posting this. There is more to come.

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So we need to do double vaccines again to stay safu?

If the information here is correct, I would take it as evidence not to trust the military-medical-industrial complex's 'health solutions'.

i don't trust them no matter what :P to much money involved and to close connections to the politics.