Ex Blackrock MD: "COVID Was Created To Stop People Rioting While Financial System Collapses".

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A highly experienced Financial expert and Ex Managing Director of Blackrock, one of the largest Financial Groups in the world has joined the Ex VP of Pfizer Science in stating that COVID19 is a deliberately planned and executed device to achieve part of a global plan for transformation. This is HUGE!


How many more high level whistleblowers are we going to have to listen to, saying essentially the same things, before we listen? Only a few weeks ago an Ex boss at EcoHealth Alliance stated that he thinks the company was a CIA front and was responsible for deliberately engineering SARS CoV2 in China, before it was released on the world.

Now, along with the ex head of EcoHealth Alliance and The ex VP of Pfizer who stated that the Pfizer shots are dangerous and the corporations are trying to kill the public, we have a new whistleblower from Blackrock of all places!

For those who are unaware, Blackrock is virtually a multi Trillion dollar investment corporation that shares controlling interest of almost all major corporations in all industries with 2 other similar fund groups. Essentially, Blackrock is a major centralisation of power on Earth that has the ability to shape major aspects of life for almost all people, globally!

Yes, this is the same Blackrock that bought out Neil Young's music catalogue and is openly 'advised' by Pfizer! So it is no surprise that Neil Young tried to cancel Joe Rogan over his conversations with Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough, both of whom tried to expose the criminality of the Pfizer (and other) COVID shot rollouts.

Blackrock Whistleblower, Edward Dowd

Edward Dowd (Linked In, Twitter) recently spoke to Steve Bannon and openly stated that as far as he is concerned, the end of the current financial system is assured and that he thinks COVID19 was deliberately engineered to control global populations as the financial systems fail. Essentially, he is saying that the 'medical tyranny' (his words) was engineered in order to subdue people and stop them rioting in advance of total system failure.

Watch the interview clip here:

For more information on Blackrock and their control of the world see this excellent (banned) documentary called 'Monopoly':

So I'll ask you again, what kind of evidence do you need that the narrative being fed to you about COVID19 via controlled media and government sources is part of an elaborate and long term plan to transform the world while preventing the mega criminals who have defrauded us for generations from being caught and charged for their crimes?

The chances of getting real information on this topic are slim without whistleblowers, yet there have now been many. Let's not forget the freemason whistleblower who predicted all of this back in 2010!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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They are intentionally collapsing the economy as they shift us to the Great Reset Belt and Road Eurasian Superstate with a one world digital currency, quite a mouthful but it is what it is.

Great post, reblogged and upvoted.

Thanks! Their economic system technically collapsed long ago, they are just using bogus maths to keep it going and ensuring there are enough people getting fat from it that the Great Oz is not exposed to the masses from behind the curtain.
To quote Dan Larimer, in the only quote I ever quote from him: "Make government irrelevant"!

Great article dude. I started following Ed Dowd recently after I found his tweets quoted in this Zerohedge article https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/long-funeral-homes-short-life-insurers-ex-blackrock-fund-manager-discovers-some-disturbing

Thanks! I added his twitter profile to this article.

Blackrock is rotchild and those evil creatures are certainly behind the covid plandemic...but the other question is, are these whistleblowers still working for blackrock and now playing out the next step of the plan...

By revealing the coronahoax deception they CAUSE the financial crash.

Its all a big headspin trying to understand this psyop...

Technically, the financial collapse happened years ago - once systems are debt (and fraud) based, the rest is just timing. So the causes are longstanding and not really down to him speaking up. Systems propped up by perception can last much longer than they should, which is what we are seeing, but eventually the maths force collapse. Since the majority of people seem allergic to maths and monitoring the financial systems that their lives revolve around, there is lag involved. I'm not saying his version of things is 100% accurate by any means, but it is interesting to hear him speaking out.

Very true. But I do wonder if anyone could reveal blackrock secrets and stay alive, that would be like exposing Hillary Clinton x a few trillion!

I don't think he is telling 'blackrock secrets'. He is speaking from his own personal perspective.

Blackrock doesn't allow personal perspectives! Those would be fatal...

If the entire purpose of it was to prevent riots during a financial collapse then why did the elites in big business and mass media strongly support the George Floyd riots? It was certainly a clever way of allowing Democrats to do grassroots organizing during a pandemic that also happened to be a presidential election year, but they made special exceptions to say that protesting was fine and that was when many people (including myself) woke up and stopped taking the virus seriously. I guess they could have thought it was a necessary step in order to get their people into the White House?

So I listened to the full interview in a more awake state and I have a better answer now. Fundamentally, he is saying that the tyranny is in place to prevent riots that happen in future. Other riots may have been engineered to cause confusion and amplify the divide in society between imaginary 'left' and 'right' groups. If you look at the messages coming out of key establishments in recent years, it really looks a lot like they are trying to divide the population as much as possible in order to weaken the population and prevent them removing government.

The theory makes more sense if I think about it not as an effort to specifically prevent riots, but an effort to prevent any kind of opposition to the establishment narrative. The labelling of any kind of free and open discussion as "dangerous misinformation" that must be stopped is the part that scares me the most.

The financial system hasn't fully collapsed yet and often such complicated plans don't work as intended, but ultimately we would need to ask him in order to get his full explanation from his pov.

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